2nd Annual NANO Week Celebration Underway in Cleveland

Sell Out Crowd Attends Three-Day Nano-App Summit; Week to Close With

Announcement of Winners of Nano Business Competitions

Oct 17, 2005, 01:00 ET from Nano-Network

    CLEVELAND, Oct. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Hundreds of scientists, researchers,
 entrepreneurs, and business executives are in Cleveland, Ohio this week to
 explore how nanotechnology, the smallest of technologies, is having a real
 impact on products and processes in the materials and manufacturing industries
 during NANO Week, October 17-21.
     The Nano-Network, the Ohio based nanotechnology educational, networking
 and advocacy organization is the primary sponsor for NANO Week events.
 "Nanotechnology and its applications will have a profound impact on our
 future," said Mark Brandt, founder of the Nano-Network and Managing Partner of
 The Maple Fund, a venture capital firm that invests in emerging technologies.
 "Nanotechnology is often referred to as a 'disruptive technology' because it
 has the potential to dramatically effect how we work, live and play. NANO Week
 2005 will explore exactly how we can apply this technology to make more
 innovative and effective products."
     A full schedule of NANO Week events is available at
 http://www.nano-network.org .
     NANO Week opened today with the Nano-App Summit, which runs through
 Wednesday, October 19. The sold-out conference focuses on applications of
 nanotechnology in the aerospace, automotive and consumer products industries.
 This event has drawn attendees mostly from Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania,
 but some from as far away as Singapore, Taiwan, Israel and the United Kingdom.
     Presenters at the conference include nanotechnology thought leaders and
 experts from the Office of Naval Research, Lockheed Martin Space Systems, the
 Air Force Research Laboratory, GE Global Research Center, Ford Motor Company,
 PPG, Goodyear Tire Company, General Motors, Procter and Gamble, 3M, Cabot
 Corporation, NanoDynamics and others. Presenters will discuss how they are
 using nanotechnology to improve and evolve current products and processes.
     Northeast Ohio is home to a number of leading nanotech companies that will
 be participating in the Nano-App Summit including Nanofilm, Ltd., Five Star
 Technologies and Ecology Coatings, all of which are using nanotechnology to
 develop next generation products.
     "NANO Week is putting Ohio on the map as a nanotechnology hot spot. We've
 created an international level conference focused on a broad spectrum of
 nanotechnology topics, including Nanotech University classes for early-stage
 entrepreneurs to informative industry track sessions focused on nano-enabled
 products for traditional manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive and
 consumer products industries," said Chris Mather, executive director of the
 Nano-Network and vice president of NorTech, a technology based economic
 development organization in Northeast Ohio.
     "Nanotechnology is changing the world and NANO Week is helping change the
 way people think about nanotechnology," said Stan Theobald, Managing Director
 of ASM International and co-sponsor of the Nano-App Summit and International
 and North Coast Nanotechnology Business Idea Competition. Theobald continued,
 "Companies are successfully applying nanotechnology and we are beginning to
 see the proof in terms of nano-enabled processes and products."
     The week continues on Thursday, October 20 with the Nanotechnology
 Manufacturers' Forum set to explore nanotechnology applications in the
 traditional manufacturing industry. Lieutenant Governor Bruce Johnson is
 scheduled to give opening remarks and welcome attendees. The Emerging
 Technology Forum "Liquid Crystals and Polymers in Advanced Display and
 Photonic Applications" is also scheduled for Thursday.
     On Friday the winners of the 2nd Annual International and North Coast
 Nanotechnology Business Idea Competitions will be announced at Case Western
 Reserve University. Contest winners will be awarded a total of $150,000 in
 prize money for the most innovative business ideas incorporating nano-enabled
     The Microsystems and Nano Economic Summit will close NANO Week on Friday
 by highlighting economic trends in the MEMS and nanotechnology industries, as
 well as ways to use this technology to increase revenue. The keynote speech
 will be presented by Dr. Michael Postek, Leader of the Nanoscale Metrology
 Group, Precision Engineering Division of the Manufacturing Engineering
 Laboratory at NIST.
     About the Nano-Network
     The Nano-Network was formed by scientists, entrepreneurs and financiers to
 improve and expand nanotechnology research and commercialization activities
 and capacities in Northeast Ohio, and throughout the nation. More information
 about the Nano-Network is available at http://www.nano-network.org .

SOURCE Nano-Network