3Dfx Interactive Blasts COMDEX with Voodoo3 Debut And Four Voodoo Banshee PC-OEM Announcements

Blistering Voodoo3 Technology Delivers Record 3D and 2D Performance;

Voodoo Banshee Penetrates Deeper into Mass-Market PC Entertainment

Nov 16, 1998, 00:00 ET from 3Dfx Interactive, Inc.

    LAS VEGAS, COMDEX, Nov. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- 3Dfx Interactive(R) Inc.
 (Nasdaq:   TDFX) marked the opening of COMDEX today with a series of far-
 reaching industry announcements led by the debut of its new Voodoo3(TM)
 product family, designed to deliver the world's fastest 3D and 2D performance
 and to drive ultra high-definition displays.  The company also announced
 several strategic PC-OEM relationships that will deliver Voodoo Banshee(TM)
 graphics worldwide to consumers purchasing PCs from Tiny Computers, CyberMax,
 Pionex Technologies and Quantex Microsystems.
     Voodoo3: Designed for Next-Generation Content
     Headlining 3Dfx Interactive's COMDEX news is the unveiling of the Voodoo3
 product family, a range of integrated single chips that expand on the award-
 winning Voodoo2(TM) and Voodoo Banshee architecture.  The first members of the
 product family, which will be commercially available the second quarter of
 1999, include the pin-compatible Voodoo3 2000 for the PC-OEM market and the
 Voodoo3 3000 for the retail add-in-board market.  (See today's related
     "In 1999, 3D will become a standard feature in PCs aimed at every consumer
 --  and 3Dfx will deliver the technology to make it happen," said Greg
 Ballard, president and chief executive officer for 3Dfx Interactive.  "Today's
 debut of Voodoo3 is proof positive that 3Dfx has designed the ultimate
 consumer entertainment platform.  And, our exciting Voodoo Banshee OEM
 relationships bear out our vision to make 3Dfx the technology of choice for
 mainstream 3D at every price point."
     In related news, 3Dfx announced its manufacturing partner, Taiwan
 Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), has set a record for its rapid
 delivery of the first samples of Voodoo3.  The highly integrated architecture
 of the new .25 micron Voodoo3 chip makes TSMC's breakneck, 19-day delivery of
 the first lots of silicon particularly significant.  (See today's related
     Voodoo Banshee Ships in Several PC Brands
     In other news today, 3Dfx Interactive announced that Voodoo Banshee, its
 acclaimed high-performance integrated 3D and 2D graphics chip designed for
 mass-market applications, has been chosen as the graphics technology of
 several new PC models from leading manufacturers.  In addition to the Gateway
 OEM win unveiled last week, Voodoo Banshee, the Ziff-Davis Business Graphics
 Winbench(R) 99 leader, will be featured in CyberMax, Tiny Computers, Pionex
 Technologies and Quantex Microsystems.
     *  CyberMax announced that its first line of Internet-ready PCs, called
 the Enthusiast(TM) PC line, will debut with Voodoo Banshee.
     *  Pionex Technologies will incorporate Voodoo Banshee into the Pionex
 Elite(TM) personal computer designed to meet the needs of the power user and
 multimedia enthusiast.
     *  Quantex Microsystems, a leader in direct channel sales and marketing
 for PCs, will feature Voodoo Banshee in its Quantex SM-Series performance PCs.
     *  Tiny Computers, the largest PC manufacturer in the United Kingdom, will
 incorporate Voodoo Banshee in their Power Gamer and Ultra Performance PC
     Additionally, 3Dfx announced today that Voodoo has passed Microsoft
 Corporation's(R) Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) testing and is qualified
 to use the "Designed for Microsoft Windows" logo.  Logo qualification means
 3Dfx OEMs can more rapidly bring to market PCs based on the Voodoo Banshee
 integrated chip, while assuring consumers that they meet WHQL's comprehensive
 compatibility tests.  (See today's related announcement.)
     About 3Dfx Interactive
 3Dfx Interactive develops high-performance, cost-effective 3D media
 processors, software and related technology that are designed to enable a
 highly immersive, interactive and realistic 3D experience across interactive
 electronic entertainment platforms  --  personal computers, coin-operated
 arcade systems and location-based entertainment.  Current 3Dfx Interactive
 products include the Voodoo(TM) family of accelerator chip sets, Voodoo2,
 Voodoo Graphics(R) and Voodoo Banshee.  Visit the company on the Web at
     Certain of the statements in this press release, including the statements
 relating to the Company's expectations for sampling, commercial and shipping
 availability of the Voodoo3 family products and the availability of third-
 party PC incorporating 3Dfx's products, are forward-looking statements that
 are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause results to be
 materially different than expectations.  Such risks and uncertainties include,
 but are not limited to, manufacturing and other delays relating to new
 products, difficulties in the fabrication process and dependence of the
 Company on third party manufacturers, general industry trends, including
 cyclical trends in the PC and semiconductor industries, the impact of
 competitive products and pricing alternatives, market acceptance of the
 Company's new products, the Company's dependence on third party developers and
 publishers, and the Company's dependence on PC OEM design wins and the ability
 of the PC OEMs to bring their products to market.  Investors are advised to
 read the Company's annual and quarterly reports on Forms 10-K and 10-Q filed
 with the Securities and Exchange Commission, particularly those sections
 entitled "Factors Affecting Operating Results," for a fuller discussion of
 such risks and uncertainties.
     3Dfx Interactive, Glide, and Voodoo Graphics are registered trademarks.
 Voodoo, Voodoo2, Voodoo3 and Voodoo Banshee are trademarks of 3Dfx
 Interactive.  All other names may be trademarks of their respective holders.

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