3DM Inc. Secures $1.7 Million Financing for Clinical Development of Puramatrix Hydrogels

Oct 28, 2004, 01:00 ET from 3DM Inc.

    CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Oct. 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- 3DM, Inc., a
 Cambridge-based developer of synthetic biomaterials, has raised $1.7 million
 in a first round of venture capital from Technology Directors, Inc., and other
 investors.  The funding will accelerate 3DM's clinical development of its lead
 product, PuraMatrix(TM) synthetic peptide hydrogels for use in orthopedic
 applications ranging from bone fill, to spinal fusion, to implant coatings, to
 drug delivery.  The Company has successfully completed pre-clinical safety and
 efficacy testing of PuraMatrix in animal studies and plans to submit its bone
 fill indication to the FDA early in 2005.  Human clinical trials for other
 orthopedic applications will occur later in 2005.
     The funding comes on the heels of a successful product launch with BD
 Biosciences, establishing 3DM's PuraMatrix line as an enabling nanotechnology
 biomaterial for next generation cell culture and in vivo research and
 bioproduction.  Concurrent with the launch, R&D Magazine recently awarded
 PuraMatrix its 42nd annual R&D 100 Prize as one of the most significant new
 products to impact life science and medical research, a prestigious award held
 by the likes of Taxol and the nicotine patch.
     "In the last 12 months, 3DM management and its world-class scientific
 founding team have established PuraMatrix as one of the best-selling synthetic
 scaffolds for in vitro and in vivo drug discovery research world wide." stated
 John Maki, Managing Director of Technology Directors Inc.  "The combination of
 BD Bioscience partnership, multiple industry collaborations and 3DM's own
 aggressive clinical development program promises to establish PuraMatrix as
 the next standard in biocompatible scaffolds for medical device and drug
 delivery applications."
     The funding adds two experienced venture investors to 3DM's Board of
 Directors.  John Maki, Managing Director of Technology Directors, Inc. and
 previously an investor with Audax Group and Bain Capital, was founding
 investor or lead in the re-capitalizations of over 15 companies, including
 Physio Control, Wesley Jessen Visioncare, Large Scale Biology, and DeNovis,
 among other companies.  Adam Kirsch was a founder and remains a Special
 Limited Partner of Bain Capital, where he served on the boards of numerous
 private and public companies including Dade Diagnostics, Blue Ridge
 Pharmaceuticals, and Nutraceutical International.
     "In addition to adding two terrific venture investors to our Board, this
 funding will accelerate clinical development of PuraMatrix gels as a component
 of next generation medical implants, enhancing healthy tissue ingrowth and
 regeneration," said Zen Chu, 3DM's President and co-founder.  "In addition to
 orthopedic device applications, PuraMatrix enhances performance of devices for
 cardiac, neurological, wound healing and drug delivery applications.  3DM is
 collaborating with premier medical device companies to demonstrate
 PuraMatrix's utility across each of these areas."
     About PuraMatrix
     PuraMatrix Synthetic Peptide Hydrogels are smart polymers, self-assembling
 in cell culture or in vivo to create biocompatible nanofiber scaffolds to
 facilitate healthy cell growth and tissue regeneration.  PuraMatrix is
 currently in animal testing for orthopedics, cardiac and other medical device
 and drug delivery applications.  PuraMatrix is used by leading pharmaceutical,
 biotechnology and academic laboratories and has been featured in over twenty
 premier scientific journal publications.
     About 3DM Inc.
     3DM is a privately-held specialty biomaterials and medical device company
 headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  The patented technology,
 exclusively licensed from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was pioneered
 through the work and expertise of Drs. Shuguang Zhang, Alan Grodzinsky, Robert
 Langer, Alexander Rich, Carlos Semino and Lisa Spirio.
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