Pro-Decency and Pro-Family Organizations to Hold Conference, Followed By Orderly Demonstration at U.S. Justice Department, to Call Attention to Failed Federal Obscenity Law Enforcement Policies That Are Putting Children, Women and Families at Risk

May 09, 2008, 01:00 ET from Morality in Media

    NEW YORK, May 9 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- On Monday, May 19,
 pro-decency and pro-family organizations will hold a Prayer Breakfast (8 to
 9 am) and Conference (9 to 11 am) at the National Press Club (Murrow Room)
 to call attention to U.S. Justice Department and FBI obscenity law
 enforcement policies that undermine Government's ability to strengthen the
 family, protect children from pornography and curb sexual exploitation of
 children and sexual trafficking. The Conference will be followed by an
 orderly demonstration at the Justice Dept. (950 Pennsylvania Ave., NW) from
 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. The Press are invited. Speakers will be available for
 questions after the Conference and at the Demonstration.
     Speakers include:
     Ted Baehr, President, Christian Film & TV Commission
     Larry Cirignano, Founder,
     Janice Crouse, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, Beverly LaHaye Institute
     Brad Curl, President, Athletes & Business for Kids
     Bill Johnson, President, American Decency Association
     Rabbi Yehuda Levin, Spokesperson, Rabbinical Alliance of America
     Mike McManus, Co-Founder, Marriage Savers
     Robert Peters, President, Morality in Media
     Maureen Proctor, President, Family Leader Network
     Cathy Ruse, Senior Fellow (Legal Studies), Family Research Council
     Sarah Seitz, Esq., Liberty Counsel
     Arthur Taylor, Past President, CBS, Inc.
     Aaron Titus, Board Member, Maryland Coalition Against Pornography
     Pat Trueman, former Chief, U.S. Justice Department's Child Exploitation
 & Obscenity Section
     Daniel Weiss, Senior Analyst for Media & Sexuality, Focus on the Family
     Wendy Wright, President, Concerned Women for America
     Ralph Yarro, Founder, CP80 Foundation
     Robert Peters, President of Morality in Media had the following
     "There is still time for the Bush Administration to make needed changes
 so that the Justice Department's Obscenity Prosecution Task Force can begin
 to fulfill its vital mission. That Task Force is now hampered by inadequate
 staffing, a Justice Department seemingly more afraid of losing an obscenity
 case than of losing the war against obscenity, an FBI policy that permits
 investigation of only the most extreme cases, U.S. Attorneys who won't
 enforce obscenity laws.
     "We recognize that the Bush Administration has prosecuted more
 commercial distributors of hardcore 'adult' pornography than its
 predecessor. But that doesn't change the fact that there haven't been
 nearly enough cases to stem the floodtide of destructive obscenity.
     "We want the next President to know that failure to vigorously enforce
 federal obscenity laws is undermining government efforts to, among other
 things, strengthen the family, protect children from pornography, curb
 sexual exploitation of children and curb sexual trafficking.
     "We also we want the next President to know that widespread
 availability of obscene materials is not proof of community acceptance.
 According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive in April 2008, 75% of
 adult Americans said they would support the next President were he or she
 to 'do all in his or her constitutional power to ensure that federal
 obscenity laws are enforced vigorously against commercial distributors of
 hardcore pornography.'
     "We have asked the Presidential candidates to make their views known
 about vigorous enforcement of federal obscenity laws. The American people
 deserve an honest answer."

SOURCE Morality in Media