8th Leon H. Sullivan Summit Sets Historical Landmark

"Mother of All Summits" Leaves Memorable Footprint in Tanzania

Jun 19, 2008, 01:00 ET from Leon H. Sullivan Foundation

    ARUSHA, Tanzania, June 19 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In what was called
 the "Mother of all Summits," the eighth edition of the Leon H. Sullivan
 Summit hosted by President Jakaya Kikwete this June brought more than 4,000
 participants to the beautiful landscape of Arusha, Tanzania. By the last
 day of plenary and workshop sessions, what was promised to be the "Summit
 of a Lifetime" turned out to be what many may consider a week of
 transformation for Tanzania, as delegates from Africa, America, the
 Caribbean, and other parts of the world pulled together to donate much
 needed funds, supplies, and infrastructure to the citizens of the host
     "The spirit of my father has definitely moved through this year's
 Summit and I am truly inspired by all of the selfless displays of
 generosity and support that were shown during the week," stated Hope
 Masters, President and CEO of the Leon H. Sullivan Foundation. "These types
 of connections, the ones you can see and touch, are what the Summits are
 all about. This Summit really made a difference in the lives of others. No
 one can deny that."
     With forty seven nations represented, the spirit of Reverend Sullivan
 was alive and well during the week-long conference. On the first day alone,
 the Iovino Family Foundation gave a $20,000 donation the Maasai Women's
 Development Organization (MWEDO), which aims to provide self-sufficiency
 and increased access to public services and education; Books for Africa
 gave an initial contribution of 40,000 textbooks and later pledged to
 provide an additional $100,000 in textbooks for various schools throughout
 Arusha; More than 1,200 Olyset mosquito nets were supplied to the most
 endemic villages in Arusha along with school supplies for the Manyatta
 Village Primary School; Frank Ski, an Atlanta- based radio personality and
 youth advocate purchased and delivered school supplies to children in local
 Tanzanian villages, while other attendees sponsored and executed additional
 independent outreach projects of their own to directly benefit and impact
 the education and well-being of Tanzanian men, women, and children.
     In addition, NBA player Kelenna Azubuike of the Golden State Warriors
 adopted an orphanage, (the Nora Childcare Trust) and donated 40 pairs of
 brand new NBA basketball shoes and shirts to the Tanzanian Basketball
 Federation, of which Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete is a member. The
 Myungsung Presbyterian Baptist Church, using state of the art drilling
 equipment was able to provide clean drinking water to a community of 6,000
 people in Arusha. However, there was enough water available for 40,000
 people altogether. The state of the art drill used to locate and extract
 clean drinking water from deep within the earth, is valued at more than
     But perhaps the most moving and memorable gesture of the Summit, came
 from Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, who, during the state dinner made a public
 call to guests to help raise at least $25,000 to improve the educational
 facilities of Tanzania's schools. Within thirty minutes the delegation, led
 by Summit Co-Chairmen Ambassador Carlton Masters and Ambassador Andrew
 Young, Sullivan Foundation President and CEO Hope Masters, over $50,000
 from individual donations ranging from as little as $5 to $5,000 was
 raised. Actor Chris Tucker and CNN news anchor T.J. Holmes were the first
 to make significant contributions.
     By the Summit's end, delegates were able to wind down and relax with a
 breathtaking trip to Zanzibar Island. It was there that delegates were able
 to reflect and acknowledge a truly beautiful part of Africa that many
 admitted they didn't even know existed.
     "The beauty and history of Zanzibar was captivating to me and others
 alike," stated Nichet Smith, Director of Public Relations for the Sullivan
 Foundation. "Moments like those I have captured and will hold onto forever.
 Zanzibar is definitely a place that everyone should see in their lifetime."
     Remaining forever committed to the goals of the Summit- to provide a
 platform for Africa's political, economic, and cultural leaders, the
 Sullivan Foundation has completed yet another piece of the ever evolving
 bridge of hope, change and inspiration towards the vision and legacy of an
 extraordinary man, The Reverend Leon Howard Sullivan.
     For more information about the 2008 Leon H. Sullivan Summit, please
 visit www.thesullivanfoundation.org/summit or contact Nichet Smith

SOURCE Leon H. Sullivan Foundation