A Bar is Born: Next Generation of Endangered Species Chocolate Bars Launched

Mar 06, 2003, 00:00 ET from Endangered Species Chocolate

    ANAHEIM, Calif., March 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Attendees at the Natural Food
 Products Expo West taking place this week in Anaheim are among the first to
 meet Chocolate Jon Stocking's newest "quadruplets":  A new series of chocolate
 bars from the Endangered Species Chocolate Company that are half the size of
 the company's popular 3-ounce bars.  Weighing in at just 1.4 ounces, the
 "quadruplets" -- dubbed "Baby Bars" by Stocking -- feature photos and facts
 about some of the world's most endearing babies, all of which are endangered.
 The chocolate bars, fortunately, are in plentiful supply.
     Making their debut at Anaheim are the Snow Leopard, Koala, Giraffe, and
 Zebra-all babies, all designed to educate as well as inspire.  Proud papa
 Stocking says of his newest creation, "We have wanted to provide the market
 with a snack-size bar for a long time, and at the same time, add other
 endangered animals to our product line.  We're pleased to say we have done
 just that."
     The new baby bar flavors are dark chocolate tangerine (Baby Zebra Bar),
 milk chocolate peanut butter (Baby Giraffe Bar), dark chocolate and cherry
 (Baby Koala Bar), and milk chocolate mocha (Baby Snow Leopard Bar).  All of
 the bars are certified organic.
     Inspiration for the baby bars comes from the International Snow Leopard
 Trust ("ISLT"), a non-profit organization dedicated to conservation of the
 endangered snow leopard and its mountain system.  From the beginning, company
 founder and president, Jon Stocking wanted to educate consumers to the plight
 of endangered species by featuring animals facing extinction on his chocolate
 bars.  Says Stocking, "When we met with the ISLT, we knew we had the first
 animal to be featured in the new product line."
     In addition to the four baby bars, the company produces 16 different
 3-ounce Endangered Species Chocolate Bars(R) featuring endangered animals and
 habitat.  Sketched by Stocking himself, the drawings are then turned over to
 an artist to finish in an original oil painting.  Critical information
 regarding each animal is printed on the back and inside of each wrapper.  The
 company periodically rotates out animals and features new ones on its
 chocolate bars.  Though the company would like to feature all of the animals
 facing extinction, Stocking says that it would be impossible to do so given
 the amount of endangered plant and animal species now recorded by scientists.
     Endangered Species Chocolate bars are made with all natural ingredients
 and come in milk, dark and white chocolate and a combination of flavors.  Bug
 Bites(R) are certified, all-natural, .035-ounce squares of dark and milk
 chocolate plus collectible cards featuring some of the world's most
 interesting insects; 98 in all.  The company also makes Chimp Mints, certified
 organic dark chocolate and mint in .035-ounce squares, featuring
 40 chimpanzees from the Jane Goodall Gombe Research Centre in Africa.
     The Endangered Species Chocolate Company is located in Talent, Oregon.  In
 its ten years of operation, more than $150,000 and countless product and
 materials have been donated to numerous organizations; among them are The Jane
 Goodall Institute, Defenders of Wildlife, National Wildlife Federation and
 American Cetacean Society.  Links to these and other environmental and animal
 protection organizations are listed on the company's website
 www.chocolatebar.com -- EcoLinks.  The company's products are distributed
 nationally in natural foods stores and specialty outlets.  All products can be
 ordered and shipped to consumers through the company website
 www.chocolatebar.com -- ESCC Store.
     NOTE:  More information on the ISLT can be found on their website at

SOURCE Endangered Species Chocolate