A Guide to a More Beautiful You through BHP Plastic Surgery

Prospective patients can learn what to expect when seeking stunning results from Beverly Hills Physicians

Jun 13, 2014, 19:26 ET from Beverly Hills Physicians

LOS ANGELES, June 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The dedicated team at Beverly Hills Physicians is well known for providing the best in health, beauty and wellness – particularly when it comes to plastic surgery. Their specialists consistently provide terrific medical treatment, but it is in the artistry that they provide with procedures like breast augmentation where the expertise of BHP plastic surgeons truly stands out. When looking at stunning plastic surgery before and after photos from their past patients, it's easy to see why plastic surgery has been embraced by so many women and men in recent years.

One major reason patients turn to BHP is that its outstanding consultants know that undergoing any surgical procedure requires a great deal of research and thought. That's why they've compiled some points that can be helpful for those seeking the body of their dreams. For instance:

  • Breast Implants/Lift –When seeking breast augmentation, patients will need to work with the doctor to determine what type of procedure will give them the results they desire. Decisions such as whether to have saline or silicone implants, or whether a lift will also be needed are all part of the decision-making process. BHP specialists will inform patients about all of their options and help them decide what will be best for them.
  • Butt Augmentation/Lift – Butt-based procedures are rapidly growing in popularity thanks to celebs like Kim Kardashian. For an augmentation, recovery time is at least two weeks, but can sometimes take up to a month. This shouldn't be too surprising – after all, you need your butt for even the simplest daily activities. Fortunately, BHP patients can always expect the shortest and most comfortable recovery period possible, ensuring they'll be back on their bottoms in no time.
  • Botox – Though originally used mostly by celebs looking to improve their appearance for movie premieres and TV appearances, today Botox is popular among a wide range of BHP patients from all walks of life. This is due to both its low cost and impressive results that can be enjoyed almost immediately.
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation – The enhancement to a woman's most intimate area can be truly life-changing. Recovery time is usually less than a week, and the boost to sexual pleasure and self-confidence is beyond any cost. Of course, with such a sensitive procedure, comfort and a sense of security and discretion is always desired, which is why it's no surprise that BHP is such a popular option for women looking to improve both their appearance and the joy of intimacy.

The procedures listed here represent only a handful of the options available at BHP, but they give a good indication of the diverse array available. Plastic surgery is an investment in your future and yourself, and in order to get the best out of life, where you go for treatment matters a great deal. That's why there is no better option than BHP for the most desirable results. For more information about any of the procedures mentioned above, please visit www.BeverlyHillsPhysicians.com or call 800-788-1416 for a free consultation. Updates and specials are also regularly posted on BHP's Facebook page, which can be found at www.facebook.com/beverlyhillsphysicians.

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