A Market Assessment and Impact Analysis of the Owens Corning Acquisition of Saint-Gobain's Reinforcement and Composites Business

Aug 09, 2007, 01:00 ET from Lucintel

    DALLAS, Aug. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- The competitive threats associated with
 globalization within the composites marketplace are beginning to force
 incumbent glass fiber producers to consider strategic alternatives as a way
 to compete more effectively according to "The Promise of Globalization: A
 Market Assessment and Impact Analysis of the Owens Corning Acquisition of
 Saint- Gobain's Reinforcement and Composites Business", a new research
 report from Lucintel. Our analysts examine the rationale for Owens
 Corning's and Saint- Gobain's decision to abandon its previously announced
 joint venture agreement and instead embark on an acquisition of a $900
 million business.
     Leading up to this decision and wishing to avoid the possibly lengthy
 regulatory hurdles and forced asset sales, Owens Corning and Saint-Gobain
 began to assess other strategic alternatives. And on July 27, both
 companies announced that they had abandoned the proposed joint-venture
 agreement it signed earlier this year. Instead, Saint-Gobain has proposed a
 sale of its $900 million reinforcement and composites business to Owens
 Corning for $640 million.
     Lucintel sees the several benefits of this acquisition falling in Owens
 Corning's favor, based primarily on four key factors. In this study,
 Lucintel analysts address the issue of globalization within the composites
 industry and how competitive differentiation can produce successful
 operating models. However, relentless execution, Lucintel details, will be
 the determining factor if this acquisition will prove successful.
     "The joint venture announced by Owens Corning and Saint-Gobain earlier
 this year encountered some regulatory hurdles and it also embodied several
 challenges that a full acquisition will avoid," said Richard Dean,
 Lucintel's Director of Research, and co-author of this report. "The
 decision to acquire these assets -- rather than embark on a joint venture
 -- is not surprising."
     "Globalization within the composites industry is a potentially
 disruptive trend, particularly as overseas fiberglass producers add
 significant production capacity to the marketplace," noted Dr. Sanjay
 Mazumdar, CEO of Lucintel, and co-analyst on this research report. "By
 acquiring Saint-Gobain's assets, Owens Corning is establishing for itself a
 stronger position to counter this competitive threat."
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