A New Tuned Up Taste(TM) Changes How Dew Does Diet

Reformulated Diet Mountain Dew Now On Store Shelves

- World-Class Snowboarders Shaun White and Hannah Teter

to Help Introduce New Taste to New Yorkers -

Mar 08, 2006, 00:00 ET from Pepsi-Cola Company

    PURCHASE, N.Y., March 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Pepsi will distribute more
 than three million free cans of newly formulated Diet Mountain Dew, marking
 the largest single-day sampling effort in Pepsi's history.  Snowboarding
 champs Shaun White and Hannah Teter, who have been sponsored by Mountain Dew
 since 2003, will be in New York to help spread the word and celebrate the
 brand that's synonymous with action sports.
     Diet Mountain Dew was has been revamped with a new taste featuring a blend
 of sweeteners including Aspartame, Sucralose and ASK (Acesulfame Potassium).
 This will mark the first change to Diet Dew's original formula in 15 years.
 The reformulation will be met with much fanfare, particularly in Times Square,
 where a 100-foot snowboarding rail jam will be constructed, featuring an
 exhibition by some of the best young snowboarders braving a snowy slope in the
 center of Manhattan.  People who are in the area can grab a Diet Dew and enjoy
 the snowboarding action on their way to the office.
     "It turns out that the majority of Dew drinkers have voted in favor of the
 new 'tuned up taste' of Diet Mountain Dew," says Frank Cooper, vice president
 of flavored soft drinks, Pepsi-Cola North America.  "Their seal of approval
 makes this a great time to introduce everyone- both new and veteran Dew
 drinkers- to the new taste of Diet Mountain Dew."
     In addition to New York, Diet Dew will be sampled in a number of cities
 throughout the country on March 8 including 283 Pepsi employees all over the
 country will be "taking it to the streets" in an effort to give away three
 millions can of new Diet Mountain Dew.  Soon, all of America will have the
 opportunity to experience the crisp taste only Mountain Dew can deliver-
 without the calories of a regular soft drink!
     For more information, visit www.HowDewDoesDiet.com
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SOURCE Pepsi-Cola Company