ABL signs international joint venture

Clifton Mining Company Inc. (OTC : CFTN)

Feb 08, 2008, 00:00 ET from Clifton Mining Company

    ALPINE, UT, Feb. 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - American Biotech Labs
 (ABL), a private company (Clifton Mining Company owns 22% of ABL) announces
 that they have just signed a joint venture with International Minerals and
 Metals, Inc. (IMM), to develop markets in 59 countries.
     The New Venture
     IMM is a private international company that has built a longstanding
 network of joint ventures in 59 countries, under the direction of its
 chairman Mr. Philip M. Lynch. This joint venture network will become the
 basis for the next round of sales growth for ABL as well as for
 humanitarian aid purposes. Over the last year, the management of ABL has
 personally met with many of these joint venture partners in Dubai,
 Singapore, China, India, and Europe, etc., in preparation for the new
 ABL/IMM joint venture.
     Management Comment
     The management of ABL feels that this joint venture will open doors in
 numerous countries world wide, where the SilverSol Technology(TM) products
 are needed, to promote health and wellness.
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