ABN AMRO Signs Multi-Million Global Deal With Infinity

Sep 21, 1999, 01:00 ET from Infinity

    NEW YORK, Sept. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Infinity, A SunGard Company today
 announced that it has signed a multi-million dollar, multi-year deal with ABN
 AMRO. The deal, Infinity's largest to date, extends the use of Infinity
 Derivatives at ABN AMRO to additional sites and includes a comprehensive
 consulting project. Infinity is the leading provider of enterprise solutions
 for financial trading, risk management and operations.
     The project will integrate ABN AMRO's proprietary functionality for
 trading, risk management and operations into Infinity Derivatives main front,
 middle and back office code line.
     "ABN AMRO has enjoyed a close working relationship with Infinity since
 1993. Infinity applications are currently rolled out to over 300 users world
 wide in our Global Trading Unit," reported Sam Halim, president of ABN AMRO
 Information Technology Services Co. "Over this period ABN AMRO has developed
 proprietary functionality using Infinity's unique development tools and Data
 Model, which will be integrated as part of the consulting project with
 Infinity Professional Services," he explained. "The total deal results in a
 reduced cost base to ABN AMRO while allowing users to benefit from latest
 functionality and extensibility features of Infinity Derivatives."
     "Infinity has given our traders a competitive edge in the development of
 our proprietary and customer based Interest Rate Derivatives business,"
 reported Rob van Paridon, chairman of ABN AMRO, Inc. "Deployment of additional
 new features and the latest technology within Infinity Derivatives continues
 to extend this advantage. For example Infinity FinEx, will enable ABN AMRO
 traders to benefit from the rapid development and implementation of new
 products straight into their trading system."
     Infinity FinEx is a flexible module that permits interoperability between
 Microsoft Excel and the Infinity Platform. Users may model a financial
 instrument in Excel, which may be saved as a trade in the Infinity Data Model.
 Analytics may also be added to the spreadsheet, which can be accessed by
 Infinity's risk management applications.
     According to Ron Lang, president and CEO of Infinity, "The ABN AMRO deal
 represents a significant commitment to increased use of the Infinity system by
 one of Infinity's oldest clients and we look forward to working with them even
 more closely in the future." Lang continued. "This deal will also benefit our
 larger client base as the ABN AMRO-driven functionality will be made available
 as part of Infinity's standard product line."
     Background information
     ABN AMRO's Global Trading Units (GTUs) use Infinity's front, middle and
 back office applications and technology platform to manage interest rate
 derivatives transactions; approximately three hundred traders, risk managers
 and back office staff use the Infinity systems on a day-to-day basis. Each GTU
 uses the Infinity Derivatives' front office system for deal capture,
 analytics, positions and hedge reports, reflecting both current exposures and
 hedge transactions. The bank also maintains proprietary applications based on
 the Fin++ Class Library to handle specific risk management reporting.
     Each GTU maintains a comprehensive data mart based on the industry
 standard Infinity Data Model running on Sybase. The bank's Infinity systems
 run on UNIX servers connected to Windows NT clients.
     About ABN AMRO Bank N.V.
     Netherlands-based ABN AMRO Bank N.V. is the world's sixth largest bank*
 with total assets of $480 billion and more than 3,500 locations in
 76 countries and territories. In North America, ABN AMRO has $162 billion in
 assets and more than 18,000 employees. Headquartered in Chicago, ABN AMRO has
 banking offices 15 cities in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Major North American
 affiliates include ABN AMRO Incorporated, a full-service investment banking,
 advisory and brokerage firm; ABN AMRO Asset Management (USA) Inc.; as well as
 Chicago's LaSalle Bank N.A., LaSalle Bank FSB, Standard Federal Bank of
 Michigan and EAB in New York.
     * According to assets as reported in The Banker July 1999
     About Infinity
     Infinity, A SunGard Company, provides enterprise software solutions for
 financial trading, risk management and operations. Infinity customers include
 banks, asset managers, corporate and government treasuries of every size,
 geographic reach and operational complexity. Infinity identifies emerging
 standards early on and delivers innovative, modular, adaptable solutions and
 enabling technologies. Infinity facilitates client success, mitigates
 technology risk, and delivers rapid 'Time-to-Value' through Infinity
 Professional Services, providing application implementation and integration
 consulting. Infinity, A SunGard Company, is an operating unit of SunGard Data
 Systems Inc., the only large specialized provider of proprietary investment
 support systems and the pioneer and a leading provider of comprehensive
 computer disaster recovery services. SunGard Data Systems common stock is
 listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol SDS. SunGard Data
 Systems (NYSE:   SDS) can be reached at http://www.sungard.com . Infinity can be
 reached at http://www.infinity.com .
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