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GolTV announces new deal with the US Navy

Mar 20, 2007, 01:00 ET from GolTV

    MIAMI, March 20, /PRNewswire/ -- GolTV announced today that it has
 signed an advertising agreement with the U.S. Navy giving them entitlement
 rights to the Network's popular show "American Soccer". The deal includes a
 variety of in-show branding components and online exposure that is tied
 into the show.
     "We at GolTV believe it is absolutely essential to develop new and
 creative ways to service our advertisers and that is precisely what we will
 be doing for the Navy. We want our new clients to have the flexibility at
 an early stage for co-branding and partnership opportunities that are
 tailored to their needs beyond the 30 second spot," said Jagdeep Wadhwani,
 Advertising Sales Manager for GolTV.
     Navy now joins other key advertisers such as Coca Cola and Volkswagen
 who have taken advantage of GolTV's in-show product integration.
     "We are very pleased to work with GolTV," said CDR David Hostetler,
 Advertising Plans Director for the Navy. "We appreciate the station's fresh
 approach to breaking through advertising clutter and hope that this new
 partnership will allow for more meaningful interactions with our target."
     The rise in commercial churn and channel clutter have become major
 issues that call for efficient niche targeting and out of the box
 advertising and marketing approaches to effectively reach desired
 audiences. GolTV delivers on both - the desired 18-34 male demographic and
 a customized approach to advertising and marketing.
     The current deal with the Navy includes the following components.
     -- American Soccer will herein be knows as "American Soccer Powered by the
     -- The show's set will be customized to reflect the Navy's look and feel.
     -- Branded video vignettes will appear throughout the program entitled "On
        the Radar" featuring and taking a look at timely topics in the world of
        U.S. soccer.
     -- Informative capsules will appear prior to each commercial break
        entitled "Did you know?" featuring useful and surprising tidbits of
        information about the Navy.
     Some Examples:
     "Did you know that through the NROTC program, the Navy will pay up to 5
 years of college tuition, books, and other fees and even guarantee you a
 job when you graduate?"
     "Did you know the Navy has over 50,000 different jobs in 29 different
 career areas to match your interests and talents?"
     American Soccer Powered by Navy will also be available to viewers
 online via Podcasts and / or streaming audio. The GolTV approach offers the
 Navy an added value property compared to the traditional TV commercial and
 provides them with a platform for their advertising strategy.
     About American Soccer Powered by Navy
     A lively, hour-long review about what's happening in the sport of
 soccer in the United States. From the World Cup to youth soccer, American
 Soccer Powered by Navy covers all levels of the sport with weekly updates
 from MLS, USL and the US's growing ranks of players starring abroad. With a
 dynamic mix of highlights, features, exclusive interviews and animated
 debate, American Soccer is a must-see program for all true soccer fans.
     You can catch "American Soccer Powered by Navy" on GolTV every
 Wednesday 8:00 p.m. EST.
     About GolTV
     GolTV, the All Soccer Network, is where soccer lives in the US 24/7 all
 365 days of the year. Delivering more than 1,500 soccer games each year
 from around the world, GolTV offers the most live soccer with exclusive
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 and Uruguay. GolTV also offers its viewers superiorly produced proprietary
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     For more information on the US Navy please visit or
 contact Aida Shalkow Phillips at