Accelr8 Announces Reduced Losses While Focusing on Rapid MRSA Identification in Hospital Acquired Infections

Mar 20, 2007, 01:00 ET from Accelr8 Technology Corporation

    DENVER, March 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Accelr8 Technology
 Corporation (Amex:   AXK) today reported a loss of $456,359 or $0.05 per
 share on net revenues of $85,149 for the quarter ended January 31, 2007. In
 the comparable three-month period of fiscal 2006, Accelr8 reported a net
 loss of $785,545 or $0.08 per share on net revenues of $55,490.
     According to David Howson, Accelr8's president, "the reduced losses
 reflect the completion of the first BACcelr8r(TM) laboratory prototypes.
 We've used them to successfully complete the first pilot study on one of
 our three major antibiotic resistance category identification tests. We
 will present the results in May at the annual meeting of the American
 Society for Microbiology. We've now expanded the study on rapid 'MRSA'
 identification -- the most common cause of hospital acquired 'Staph'
 infections -- and obtained large bacterial collections for statistical
     "In addition, we're progressing with tests to identify the other two
 major resistance categories. Both of the additional categories occur in
 different bacteria that are more difficult to identify and treat than MRSA.
 These serious infections outnumber Staph infections by about 2:1 in the
 ICU. Some have also become a serious problem in wound infections with our
 military personnel, compounding the terrible injuries they've already
     "We've begun the BACcel(TM)-1.0 product development program with
 limited objectives to deliver enhanced research prototypes that will
 further increase our experimental throughput. We've also begun the process
 to obtain human specimens, initially to optimize our sample preparation
     "Finally, our microarraying products have received some attention in
 the scientific press. An article in Nature on protein microarraying
 identified the Schott slides -- licensed from Accelr8 -- as a serious
 contender. Also, an academic consortium led by the Scripps Research
 Institute has published research on rapid and precise flu virus variant
 identification using our slides. We believe that these events show promise
 for molecular diagnostics platforms to eventually adopt microarraying,
 adding to our total diagnostics business potential," Howson concluded.
     About Accelr8
     Accelr8 Technology Corporation ( is a developer of
 innovative materials and instrumentation for advanced applications in
 medical instrumentation, basic research, drug discovery, and bio-detection.
 Accelr8 is developing a rapid clinical pathogen platform, the
 BACcelr8r(TM), based on its innovative surface coatings, assay processing,
 and detection technologies. In addition, Accelr8 licenses certain of its
 proprietary technology for use in applications outside of Accelr8's own

SOURCE Accelr8 Technology Corporation