Accelr8 Announces Second Supply Agreement and Expanded Original Agreement With SCHOTT Nexterion

New Agreements Build on Success of Accelr8's Surface Chemistry Technology

Jun 09, 2005, 01:00 ET from Accelr8 Technology Corporation

    DENVER, June 9 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Accelr8 Technology Corporation
 (Amex:   AXK) and SCHOTT Nexterion (SCHOTT JENAer GLAS GmbH, Jena, Germany)
 announced today the signing of a new supply agreement for Nexterion(R) Slide
 HS microarray slides using Accelr8's OptiChem(R) surface chemistry.  The two
 companies also expanded a previous supply agreement for Accelr8 to produce
 Nexterion(R) Slide H for SCHOTT.
     Accelr8 has been manufacturing Slide HS for SCHOTT since October, 2004.
 Under the new agreement Accelr8 will extend production through December, 2005.
 SCHOTT also has a right during 2005 to enter into negotiations for an
 exclusive manufacturing and distribution license, similar to the Slide H
 agreement signed November 4, 2004.
     Under a prior supply agreement for Slide H, Accelr8 fulfilled the terms as
 planned, but Nexterion sales exceeded forecast.  Therefore Nexterion requested
 an extension for more products while Nexterion's own production line ramps up.
     According to David Howson, Accelr8's president, "under the two agreements
 we estimate that product revenues from Nexterion to Accelr8 will total
 approximately $150,000 for the remainder of this calendar year."
     The ongoing revenues from Slide H and Slide HS production and licensing
 occur in parallel with Accelr8's primary business focus in developing the
 BACcelr8r(TM) rapid bacterial analysis system.  The company intends the
 BACcelr8r to become the world's first diagnostic system to provide complete
 bacterial antibiotic resistance strain identification in 8 hours or less.
 Conventional culturing typically delays lab results from one to three days,
 which is inadequate for best management of rapidly progressing, life-
 threatening infections in critically ill patients.
     Microarraying techniques allow researchers to study massive numbers of
 genes and proteins in parallel.  The technology is based on placing thousands
 of different types of biomolecules onto a surface such as a glass microarray
 slide.  Microarraying has already had a major impact in fields ranging from
 cancer research to agriculture, and is rapidly moving from a discovery
 research tool to broader applications in medical diagnostics.  Accelr8's
 OptiChem coating licensed by SCHOTT Nexterion provides unique performance
 advantages that help to make SCHOTT's slides an enabling component of next
 generation microarrays.
     "We're very pleased at the market's response to Slide H and now initial
 acceptance of Slide HS by a significant industrial customer," said Dr. Lutz
 Wehmeier, SCHOTT Nexterion's General Manager.  "As part of Nexterion's
 comprehensive microarraying product line for DNA as well as protein
 applications, we value Accelr8's innovative coating technology in advancing
 the performance and adaptability of microarray analysis."
     The HS slide provides a streptavidin surface, which is a type of protein
 pre-attached to the slide, instead of a chemical reaction linker.  The new
 coating provides a very uniform surface to maximize detection sensitivity.
 Streptavidin is a natural bacterial protein that forms an extremely strong and
 specific bond with biotin, a small vitamin molecule, which is widely used as a
 molecular linker for proteins, DNA, and other molecules.  Streptavidin and
 biotin make a popular molecular construction set for building analytical
     "Accelr8's Slide HS technology is important because of the wide
 familiarity and easily-available commercial kits for binding biotin to the
 scientist's target materials, something that all virtually all biomedical
 scientists know how to do and feel comfortable with," said Howson.  "It's the
 easy route -- like a biochemical Lego(R) set -- to assay design."
     About Accelr8
     Accelr8 Technology Corporation ( is a developer of
 innovative materials and instrumentation for advanced applications in medical
 instrumentation, basic research, drug discovery, and bio-detection.  In
 addition to its microarraying products, Accelr8 is also developing a rapid
 clinical pathogen platform, the BACcelr8r(TM), based on its innovative surface
 coatings, assay processing, and detection technologies.
     About SCHOTT
     SCHOTT ( is an international technology-driven group that
 sees its core purpose as the lasting improvement of living and working
 conditions through special materials, components and high-tech solutions.  Its
 main areas of focus are the household appliances industry, optics and
 electronics, pharmaceuticals and renewable energies.  Schott has a presence in
 close proximity to its customers through highly efficient production and sales
 companies in all its major markets.  It has 18,500 employees producing
 worldwide sales of 2 billion euros.  The company's technological and economic
 expertise is closely linked with its social and ecological responsibility.
     The division SCHOTT Nexterion Microarray Solutions
 ( is specialized in high quality microarray products.
 As such, the company develops and markets a wide range of coated and uncoated
 glass substrates for DNA and protein microarraying under the brand
 Nexterion(R).  SCHOTT Nexterion continuously expands its product portfolio and
 has several innovative products and services in the development pipeline.

SOURCE Accelr8 Technology Corporation