Accelrys Introduces First Discovery Studio BioInformatics Data Management Solution: DS SeqStore

Oct 03, 2002, 01:00 ET from Accelrys, Inc.

    SAN DIEGO, Oct. 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Accelrys Inc., a wholly owned
 subsidiary of Pharmacopeia, Inc. (Nasdaq:   PCOP), today announced the
 introduction of its latest Discovery Studio(TM) release: Discovery Studio
 SeqStore.  Scheduled for commercial availability in October 2002, DS SeqStore
 is a complete, Oracle(R) based enterprise solution for managing, analyzing,
 and visualizing genomic and proteomic sequence data.
     Designed to meet the needs of biologists, bioinformaticians, and database
 administrators, DS SeqStore provides robust and flexible data management
 capabilities, a secure environment for research and collaboration, up-to-date
 sequence data, and seamless integration with the GCG(R) Wisconsin Package(R).
 DS SeqStore enables life science research organizations to effectively utilize
 the vast volumes of genomic and proteomic sequence data available today.  It
 delivers a unified environment for managing public, proprietary and
 third-party data that can be integrated with proprietary and third-party
 analysis applications.  As such, the solution provides a single point of
 access for all of an organization's research data, analysis and visualization
     DS SeqStore represents the latest addition to the Discovery Studio family
 of products and furthers Accelrys' strategy of providing comprehensive and
 integrated bioinformatics and proteomics solutions.  DS SeqStore complements
 DS Gene, Accelrys' first Discovery Studio bioinformatics product, and provides
 powerful scientific tools with comprehensive knowledge management capabilities
 to enable knowledge transfer across the enterprise.  Within DS SeqStore users
 can register new sequences, record analysis results, annotate existing
 sequences as new discoveries are made, and integrate and manage data from
 multiple sources in multiple formats.  Users can also save multiple versions
 of sequences and annotations, enhancing collaboration and recording discovery
 histories for patent purposes.  DS SeqStore automatically updates the database
 as new information becomes available, giving researchers across the
 organization access to the most current data.
     DS SeqStore will be demonstrated at the Genome Sequencing and Analysis
 Conference (GSAC) in Boston this week.  Please visit us there in Booth # 317.
     Discovery Studio
     Discovery Studio is a powerful research environment for the life sciences
 that delivers a comprehensive suite of informatics, modeling, and simulation
 solutions.  This enterprise-wide family of products is composed of a wide
 breadth of tools, client-server applications, and databases for handling the
 specific research problems encountered by scientists working in the discovery
 process.  The Discovery Studio design enables collaboration across scientific
 disciplines through a centralized project and knowledge management system,
 connecting the research conducted by biologists and chemists.  In addition,
 Discovery Studio is an open platform built on industry-standard components so
 that it can leverage existing IT infrastructure and the integration of
 third-party applications, public domain, and other in-house developed
     About Accelrys Inc.
     Accelrys is a leading provider of software for computation, simulation,
 and the management and mining of scientific data used by biologists, chemists,
 and materials scientists for product design, drug discovery, and development.
 Accelrys' platform technology and consulting services enable enterprise-wide
 solutions tailored to today's leading research organizations.  The company's
 two main centers of excellence are in San Diego, and Cambridge, UK.  These
 centers combine research and product development with facilities to support
 significant collaborative projects.  Accelrys is a subsidiary of
 Pharmacopeia, Inc. (Nasdaq:   PCOP) and was launched in June 2001, combining
 leading software companies Molecular Simulations Inc., Synopsys Scientific
 Systems, Oxford Molecular, GCG, and Synomics Ltd.
     More information on Accelrys can be found at
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 United States and/or various other countries.
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 statement is based.
      Jim Rivas
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