Actiontec Announces Software Developer's Kit for its InternetPhoneWizard

SDK Enables Internet Service Providers To Support Revolutionary Internet


Oct 25, 2000, 01:00 ET from Actiontec Electronics, Inc.

    SUNNYVALE, Calif., Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Actiontec Electronics, Inc., a
 leading supplier of Broadband products, announced today availability of a SDK
 (Software Developers Kit) for its revolutionary InternetPhoneWizard.  Using
 the SDK, Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) can rapidly expand their
 potential customer base by including support for the InternetPhoneWizard to
 their branded dialers.
     By customizing their dialers to work with the InternetPhoneWizard, ITSPs
 can expand their customer base to include users of Actiontec's
 InternetPhoneWizard and make their service as easy to use as dialing a
 telephone.  In addition to its user-friendly operation, the
 InternetPhoneWizard uses state-of-the-art echo-canceling technology for
 uncompromised voice quality, further increasing customer satisfaction with the
 supported Internet telephony service.
     "Actiontec has developed an exceptionally strong retail channel presence,
 ensuring consumers ready access to Actiontec's award-winning products," added
 Dean Chang, president and CEO for Actiontec Electronics.  "By using the SDK to
 ensure operation of their offering with the InternetPhoneWizard, ITSPs will be
 able to leverage service sales through the rapidly growing number of retailers
 marketing the InternetPhoneWizard.  In addition, consumers will benefit by
 having even more ITSPs to choose from, ensuring their ability to pick the best
 service for their needs."
     The SDK includes a detailed description of the InternetPhoneWizard API
 (Application Programmer Interface) and a sample application including source
 code for interfacing with the InternetPhoneWizard.  Developers can request the
 SDK by contacting Actiontec and addressing an e-mail to
     About the InternetPhoneWizard
     Available as either an internal PCI card or external USB peripheral, the
 InternetPhoneWizard offers an unprecedented combination of features that make
 Internet calling easier and better than ever.  The InternetPhoneWizard allows
 callers to continue to use their favorite wired or portable telephones to
 place either conventional analog calls or Internet phone calls to any phone
 around the world.  To use the InternetPhoneWizard callers simply pick up the
 phone and dial -- just as they always have -- to place a long distance call
 for the price of a local call!
     For callers who use a broadband connection to the Internet like DSL or
 have two phone lines in their home, the InternetPhoneWizard will allow them to
 easily switch back and forth between calls by simply hitting the # key twice.
 This is made possible by using Actiontec's patent-pending I-Phone Switch
     About Actiontec
     Initially known for its analog modems, Actiontec Electronics, Inc. is
 making significant strides in the broadband marketplace. The company's product
 line now includes a complete line of DSL, Internet Telephony, Networking and
 Analog devices.  Actiontec products have been recognized with a Best of Show
 award at Retail Xchange, Editors Choice awards from CNET's,, and Computer Retail Week; and Top 100 Products of the Year
 from Home Office Computing and Computer Shopper.  Actiontec products are
 available through national distribution, retail outlets, and Actiontec's
 online store as well as through Tier 1 OEM relationships.  The company is
 headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, and maintains branch offices in Arlington, VA;
 Irvine, CA and Taiwan.  For more information, phone 408-752-7700, fax,
 408-541-9003, or visit .
     Actiontec and the Actiontec logo are trademarks of Actiontec Electronics,
 Inc.  All other product names and trademarks are the property of their
 respective holders.
     CONTACT:  Lesley Kirchman, Director of Marketing of Actiontec,
 408-752-7700, email,; or Press, Elizabeth Hoff or
 Heather King of S&S Public Relations, Inc. for Actiontec, 847-955-0700, or
 317-275-2275, email,, or

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