Actiontec Collaborates With Intersil to Develop Embedded MiniPCI Wireless LAN Solutions for Laptops and Information Appliances

New Products Include World's First Dual-Mode WLAN/Modem Card

Nov 28, 2000, 00:00 ET from Actiontec Electronics, Inc.

    SUNNYVALE, Calif., Nov. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Actiontec Electronics, Inc., a
 leading manufacturer of broadband products, announced today its collaboration
 with Intersil Corporation (Nasdaq:   ISIL) to jointly develop new embedded
 solutions for built-in wireless networking connectivity in PCs, laptops and
 handheld information appliances.
     One of the first products to result from this collaboration is the world's
 first dual-mode MiniPCI card that provides two types of connectivity on one
 small card -- phoneline v.90 modem connectivity and wireless IEEE 802.11b
 connectivity.  The new Actiontec dual-mode MiniPCI card combines Intersil's
 PRISM(R) WLAN technology with Actiontec's v.90 modem technology.  The new
 dual-mode card and a single-mode WLAN card are both optimized for high data
 rate embedded wireless networking applications for use in small handheld
 devices such as laptop PCs, Web pads and digital cameras.
     "Wireless networking is one of the hottest trends in mobile computing.
 Actiontec is effectively addressing this trend as well as the dial-up
 connectivity needs of OEMs by combining 802.11b wireless networking and V.90
 modem technology into one MiniPCI slot," stated Ramzi Al-Harayeri, vice
 president of OEM sales for Actiontec.  "This revolutionary solution eliminates
 the need for users to sacrifice a valuable PC card slot to stay connected to
 their wireless LAN or to the Internet.  By achieving an unprecedented level of
 integration, it preserves a PC Card slot for other applications while
 providing system manufacturers with the greatest possible flexibility in
 system design."
     The wireless capability of the new card is made possible by Intersil's
 newest PRISM chip set and WLAN adaptor design.  The PRISM 2.5 design
 integrates the digital portion -- the baseband processor (BBP) and the medium
 access controller (MAC) -- onto a single integrated circuit, eliminating a
 large number of I/O pins thus reducing board complexity, size and
 manufacturing cost.  These advancements have enabled the move to the smaller
 MiniPCI form factor and lead the way toward even smaller forms such as Compact
 Flash, Cardbus, USB and embedded modules.
     "Widespread adoption of wireless LANs in the consumer, SOHO and enterprise
 segments is contingent upon the availability of low cost, high speed and
 ever-smaller solutions," said Larry Ciaccia, vice president and general
 manager of Intersil's PRISM Wireless Products.  "Actiontec's new embedded
 MiniPCI solutions take a significant step forward in the delivery of high data
 rate wireless connectivity for small handheld devices.  These Actiontec
 MiniPCI cards build-in wireless capability, eliminating add-in cards that are
 more costly and take up precious PCMCIA card slots."
     Actiontec intends to launch a complete line of wireless products that will
 utilize Intersil's PRISM technology in the first quarter of 2001.  Actiontec's
 product offering for Tier 1 OEM customers will include two MiniPCI cards, both
 PRISM WLAN-based; the dual-mode, 11 Mbps WLAN and Actiontec v.90 modem card
 and the 11 Mbps WLAN single-mode card.  Samples of the two MiniPCI products
 are available today, in limited quantities.
     About Intersil
     Intersil is a leading supplier of semiconductors, reference designs and
 software for wireless access and communications markets.  Intersil applies
 analog, mixed-signal and radio frequency (RF) expertise to products that
 enable wireless access to broadband media; provide reliable power management
 for PCs, file servers and portable information appliances; and convert analog
 and digital signals in cellular and Internet infrastructure.  For more
 information about Intersil, visit the company's Internet homepage at .
     About Actiontec
     Initially known for its analog modems, Actiontec Electronics, Inc. is
 making significant strides in the broadband marketplace.  The company's
 product line now includes a complete line of DSL, Internet Telephony,
 Networking and Analog devices.  Actiontec products have been recognized with a
 Best of Show award at Retail Xchange, Editors Choice awards from CNET's,, and Computer Retail Week; and Top 100
 Products of the Year from Home Office Computing and Computer Shopper.
 Actiontec products are available through national distribution, retail
 outlets, and Actiontec's online store as well as through Tier 1 OEM
 relationships.  The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, and maintains
 branch offices in Austin, TX; Arlington, VA; Irvine, CA and Taiwan.  For more
 information, phone 408-752-7700, fax 408-541-9003, or visit .
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