ActiveGrid Funded to Pioneer Commercial Open-Source Grid Application Server; Enables Enterprise Transaction Grids

ActiveGrid, Funded by Hummer Winblad and Allegis Capital, Addresses J2EE and

.Net Scalability Limits

Nov 17, 2004, 00:00 ET from ActiveGrid, Inc.

    SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- ActiveGrid(TM), Inc.,
 (, a new commercial open-source software company, today
 announced that it has received $3M in "Series A" funding from leading venture
 firms Hummer Winblad Venture Partners and Allegis Capital. Mitchell Kertzman,
 partner with Hummer Winblad, and Jean-Louis Gassee, general partner with
 Allegis Capital, have joined the board. The funds will be used to pioneer a
 new class of commercial open-source application server called "Grid
 Application Server," which is designed to enable transaction grids and to
 leverage the growing popularity of the open-source web application stack
 commonly called the LAMP stack, representing Linux, Apache, MySQL, and the
 PHP, Python, and Perl scripting languages.
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     ActiveGrid Pioneers Grid Application Server
     The new Grid Application Server from ActiveGrid will, for the first time,
 enable CIO's to deploy business-critical, mainstream applications across a
 "transaction grid" of low-cost computers. ActiveGrid represents a fundamental
 shift from traditional data center architectures, such as J2EE, by enabling
 transactional applications to be horizontally scaled across a transaction grid
 of low-cost computers, as contrasted to the traditional approach of scaling
 vertically on a small cluster of expensive multi-processor machines that must
 continually connect to backend systems.
     "Enterprises are experiencing tremendous growth in the Web Service
 transactions they must process. The ActiveGrid Grid Application Server will
 enable organizations to dramatically scale transaction processing
 performance," said Peter Yared, founder and CEO of ActiveGrid. "Our ActiveGrid
 software technology puts intelligence into the grid by dynamically adapting
 the aggregate computer and memory resources of the transaction grid to service
     To date, grids have been used primarily for research and compute-intensive
 applications, such as animation rendering and scientific modeling. The value
 of transaction grids for mainstream business applications has been proven by a
 few forward-thinking companies like Google and Amazon whose experts have
 hand-crafted grids for in-house use.  Until now, the benefits of grid
 computing have remained elusive for all but a few such companies. The
 ActiveGrid Grid Application Server software platform will enable corporate
 developers to easily create, integrate, deploy, and scale transaction grids
 within their own organizations.
     "Enterprises are about to face a wave of exponential growth in
 machine-to-machine Web Service data transactions that will place significant
 computing burden on their existing application backends.  A growing number of
 enterprises have discovered the power, productivity, and cost-effectiveness of
 using the open-source LAMP platform for business applications. When combined
 with a computing architecture based on grids of commodity computers, the
 environment should support new levels of scalability and price/performance,"
 said Anne Thomas Manes, Vice President and Research Director at the Burton
 Group, a leading industry analyst firm.
     New Era of Transaction Computing in the Enterprise
     "There is a fundamental shift underway to open-source and commodity-based
 computing. CIO's are going to use low-cost hardware running standards-based
 software in the data center. This is similar to the fundamental shift from
 mainframe to client-server computing that was enabled by technology such as
 PowerBuilder in the 1980's. Today there is an opportunity for a new
 development and deployment platform, such as ActiveGrid, to lead the way,"
 said Mitchell Kertzman, partner at Hummer Winblad Venture Partners.
     "J2EE and .NET applications were never designed with grids in mind.  Just
 as you would never construct a modern building on top of debris from an old
 building, you should not rely on the existing technology base as a foundation
 for developing the next generation of enterprise computing.  ActiveGrid's
 technology is a critical foundation for enabling applications to fully utilize
 the power of the transaction grid," said Jean-Louis Gassie, general partner at
 Allegis Capital.
     ActiveGrid Will Join Open-Source Community
     As a commercial open-source company, ActiveGrid will employ a hybrid
 licensing model. The ActiveGrid platform will be made available via BSD-style
 open-source licensing; additional advanced features and support will be
 available through commercial licensing. This approach will enable rapid
 adoption and innovation while providing an enterprise-class, fully supported
 solution for corporate organizations.
     "As the use of open-source technologies in the enterprise accelerates,
 organizations are looking for ways to take Linux-based computing to the next
 level," said Bertrand Matthelie, director of Alliances for MySQL AB. "We are
 impressed with ActiveGrid's vision of advancing the LAMP computing platform to
 enable grid computing for mainstream enterprise business applications.  We
 look forward to partnering with them to help make this a reality."
     Standards Driven to Preserve Enterprise Investment
     Since ActiveGrid makes use of widely adopted industry standards such as
 HTML and XML for communication, it can work to increase the scalability of
 just about any existing business application. As a result, existing legacy
 application and database investment is protected.
     ActiveGrid is built to leverage the Linux operating system, LAMP
 infrastructure and low-cost, x86-based systems. ActiveGrid's technology will
 incorporate emerging XML standards such as XForms, BPEL, XPath, and XML
     ActiveGrid users will be in corporate IT, developing and deploying
 enterprise-class applications for financial services, retail, and
 manufacturing and other business-critical functions.
     ActiveGrid Product Availability
     ActiveGrid currently has an alpha version available for select corporate
 customers. In January 2005 an early access version, available via open-source
 licensing, will be available.  The commercially licensed deployment platform
 will be available in early Q2 2005.
     About ActiveGrid, Inc.
     ActiveGrid is revolutionizing enterprise computing by developing the Grid
 Application Server to enable transaction grids. ActiveGrid applications will
 scale horizontally across a transaction grid of low-cost computers to
 dramatically accelerate Web Service transaction scalability. ActiveGrid's
 technology will enable deployment of enterprise applications with a 100X
 price/performance advantage over conventional approaches. Please see for more information.
     NOTE:  ActiveGrid(TM) is either a trademark or registered trademark of
 ActiveGrid, Inc. All other product names and trademarks are the property of
 their respective owners.

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