Actress Victoria Rowell Joins Lactaid(R) Milk to Encourage African-American Women To Be 'Healthy To The Bone'

- Rowell Reminds The 80% of African-Americans Who Are Lactose Intolerant(1)

to Enjoy Dairy Everyday -

May 30, 2007, 01:00 ET from McNeil Nutritionals, LLC

    FORT WASHINGTON, Pa., May 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, an estimated 40% of
 African-American women in the U.S. over age 50 have either low bone mass or
 osteoporosis(2), where bones become increasingly brittle and painful.
 Consuming calcium-rich foods and beverages daily can help reduce the risk
 for these conditions, however there are limited options available for
 people who are lactose intolerant and experience stomach discomfort after
 consuming dairy-based products. Today, actress, author and philanthropist
 Victoria Rowell joins LACTAID(R) Milk, the nation's #1 lactose-free milk
 brand, to educate lactose intolerant African-Americans about the importance
 of calcium and Vitamin D and the products available to help manage symptoms
 easily and effectively.
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     "Lactose intolerance is a common condition for African-Americans. I am
 also lactose intolerant and used to avoid dairy because I did not want the
 stomach discomfort that followed," said Rowell. "Over the years, I have
 realized that avoiding dairy can put me at risk for osteoporosis. Products
 like LACTAID(R) Milk and LACTAID(R) Fast Act Dietary Supplements help me
 manage my lactose intolerance without eliminating dairy from my diet,
 putting my mind at ease about my bone health now and in the future. I also
 love that I can still enjoy my favorite foods with family and friends."
     People who are lactose intolerant -- a condition where the body is
 deficient in the lactase enzyme which breaks down lactose, the milk sugar
 in dairy foods and beverages -- often avoid dairy products altogether.
 According to the National Institutes of Health, African-American women
 consume only half of the recommended daily amount of calcium(3). As a
 result, these women run a higher risk of nutrient deficiencies that may
 affect bone health and lead to related conditions, like osteoporosis, later
 in life.
     The recommended intake of calcium for women 19-50 years is 1,000
 milligrams a day. For women over 50, the recommended intake of calcium
 increases to 1,200 milligrams a day. Good food sources of calcium include
 fat free or lowfat milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products. Products
 like LACTAID(R) Milk and LACTAID(R) Fast Act Dietary Supplements offer an
 important solution to lactose intolerant sufferers. This is particularly
 meaningful to African Americans since an estimated 80% are lactose
     LACTAID(R) Milk is real, farm fresh milk that is 100% lactose free.
 LACTAID(R) Fast Act Dietary Supplements contain a lactase enzyme to break
 down lactose into easily digested simple sugars so that people can enjoy
 all of their favorite dairy foods and beverages. LACTAID(R) Brand products
 are available at most food, drug and mass stores nationwide. For more
 information on lactose intolerance and LACTAID(R) Brand products, visit
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     LACTAID(R) Brand Milk and Dietary Supplements are marketed by McNeil
 Nutritionals, LLC. LACTAID(R) Brand products allow people with dairy
 digestive problems to enjoy dairy products once more. LACTAID(R) Milk is
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 fat-free and calcium-fortified varieties and is perfect for drinking,
 cooking and baking. LACTAID(R) Fast Act Dietary Supplements, which are
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 sugar, lactose, to aid in the digestion of dairy foods. You can find out
 more about LACTAID(R) Brand Products at or by calling
 1-800-LACTAID (bilingual assistance available).
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SOURCE McNeil Nutritionals, LLC