Adam Brody and Alexis Bledel Go on a Date With Teen Vogue

Aug 09, 2004, 01:00 ET from Teen Vogue

    NEW YORK, Aug. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Adam Brody and Alexis Bledel are not a
 couple in real life.  But for one day in Los Angeles they were willing to
 pretend and Teen Vogue was there to capture their latest fall fashion looks.
 Afterwards, Brody and Bledel sat down with Teen Vogue senior writer Lauren
 Waterman to chat about their blossoming careers and how they broke into the
 acting business in the first place.
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     "When I decided to become an actor, I was at a low point, working at a
 video store.  I'd look at these kids in the movie posters and think, wow, that
 really looks like a life," Brody says.  Now, when Brody talks about his life,
 he sounds genuinely giddy.  "A few months ago, I was in Rite Aid buying toilet
 paper, and I saw Queen Latifah across the aisle.  And she was like 'OOOOOO
 ....CCCCC!' Now that was awesome," Brody says.
     Bledel's entry into show business was effortless.  "I started going on
 auditions because I needed to figure out a way to pay my tuition at NYU."
 After years of modeling, Bledel went to auditions and in her first week she
 landed the lead role in Gilmore Girls.  After four years on the air, Bledel is
 a bit more accustomed to fan attention and the power of television.
     With Brody it's all brand new.  "I'll never have a more life-changing year
 than this last one.  I could win an Oscar and it wouldn't alter my daily life
 as much as The O.C. has."  He confides that his newfound fame occasionally
 forces him to employ the kind of tactics you'd expect from a man on the run.
 "You know how in The Fugitive, when Harrison Ford hears sirens, he'll just
 subtly steer the other way?  I do that when I see groups of teenage girls."
     Though this twosome is not dating, they do share a couple things in
 common.  Both Brody and Bledel are dating co-stars from their very own shows
 (Brody dates Rachel Bilson and Bledel dates Milo Ventimiglia) -- and they both
 have ambitions beyond the small screen; and both filmed movies on their summer
 hiatus.  Brody was making Mr. and Mrs. Smith; he plays the target of married
 assassins Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.  Bledel shot three films this summer:
 Bride and Prejudice, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Sin City.
     The September issue of Teen Vogue is on sale in New York and Los Angeles
 on August 5th and nationwide on August 10th.

SOURCE Teen Vogue