Adam Morrison 'Takes Center Court' for Diabetes Awareness

- NBA Rookie Teams Up With OneTouch(R) Brand for New Web Site with

Information on Managing the Disease -

Nov 02, 2006, 00:00 ET from LifeScan, Inc.

    MILPITAS, Calif., Nov. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- NBA rookie Adam Morrison is
 looking forward to an exciting November. Not only does this month mark the
 official start of his professional career with the Charlotte Bobcats, but
 November is also American Diabetes Month, and Morrison, who has type 1
 diabetes, has geared up to become an advocate for better diabetes
     A favorite for Rookie of the Year and compared by some to Larry Bird,
 Morrison teamed up recently with LifeScan, Inc., makers of the OneTouch(R)
 Brand of Blood Glucose Monitors. In fact, Morrison and the company have
 collaborated on a new Web site,, where
 visitors can "meet" Adam and learn more about the impact of food on blood
 sugar levels, a particularly timely topic for people with diabetes, as
 November also marks the arrival of the holiday food season.
     Created to help the nearly 21 million Americans with diabetes eat
 healthier for better diabetes management, the Web site includes information
 on testing blood sugar around meals as well as blood sugar targets for
 before and after meals. Visitors to the Web site can request a free
 educational DVD and booklet that can help them learn to make simple
 adjustments so they can still enjoy the foods they love, covering topics
 like the role of carbohydrates and planning for dessert. The new Web site
 also addresses topics like why and when to test blood sugar levels and
 insurance coverage for diabetes supplies.
     Morrison was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 14. He monitors his
 blood sugar levels regularly -- whether he's playing or not -- and has
 firsthand knowledge of the food/blood sugar connection. He's learned that--
 for him--eating the same meal two hours and 15 minutes before every game
 helps to control his blood sugar levels and enables him to perform well on
 the court. Because food choices and portions affect everyone differently,
 Adam encourages people with diabetes to talk to their doctors to see if
 testing around some meals could help them see how their food and portion
 choices impact them. This could help them make even healthier food and
 portion choices in the future.
     Morrison hopes that his personal mission -- a "full court press" that
 includes public appearances and other outreach efforts -- will help those
 suffering from diabetes learn how to better manage their disease.
     "My goal is to help people with diabetes understand how keeping blood
 sugar levels in a healthy range can help them avoid complications," says
 Morrison. "I'm not perfect by any means, and I find that food can be a
 challenge. But having diabetes doesn't mean you have to give up the foods
 you love. Learning about the connection between food and blood glucose
 levels can make all the difference in the world in better managing the
     For more information, visit .
     LifeScan, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company and a leading maker of
 blood glucose monitoring products, is dedicated to creating a world without
 limits for people with diabetes.

SOURCE LifeScan, Inc.