Launches Self-Service Advertising Program for Video Publishers

First Open & Universal Video Ad Platform Brings Simplicity and Revenue to

All Video Publishers

May 20, 2008, 01:00 ET from

    NEW YORK, May 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Streaming Media East --, a
 leading provider of online video advertising, today launched a self-service
 program for OneSource, the first open and universal video ad
 platform. Launched last month, OneSource gives publishers the
 ability to add, configure, and optimize video advertising across virtually
 all ad sources and all formats using sophisticated technology and a simple,
 single interface. After a Web-based sign up, publishers of all sizes can
 now easily make the most of video advertising.
     "The Internet has democratized video by providing the opportunity for
 almost anyone to easily create and publish video content," said Amir
 Ashkenazi, CEO of "With the addition of a self-service program of OneSource, video publishers and producers can create and distribute
 great video content while leveraging the world's best platform for video
     Publishers can easily leverage's OneSource platform for simple
 integration and optimization of their in-house ads and ads from more than
 50 ad networks. allows publishers to smartly choose ad sources and
 ad formats that best match their video content, while maximizing their
 revenue and enhancing user experience. In addition, selects and
 optimizes brand and direct response ads using proprietary algorithms that
 consider video classification, content rating, and contextual analysis to
 provide the best revenue yield. By using its Web-based dashboard, customers
 can monitor ad performance and track revenue funnel metrics by account,
 site, geography, category, video, and more. Now, with's
 self-service program, the values of OneSource can be utilized by publishers
 both large and small.
     "The ongoing surge in the popularity of online video has driven
 thousands of publishers of all sizes to distribute their content online,"
 said Will Richmond, President, Broadband Directions LLC, an industry market
 intelligence firm. "As online video continues to blossom, particularly
 smaller publishers will be looking for simple, self-service solutions that
 allow them to manage their content and maximize revenue."
     " OneSource is the perfect product for our business," said James
 Black, Founder of "We have a small team focused on building a
 great site of entertaining videos. With OneSource, we can easily
 optimize revenue without compromising viewer experience."
     About empowers publishers to make the most of online video
 advertising. Through its flagship offering, OneSource, the first
 open and universal video ad platform, publishers can access and seamlessly
 optimize video advertising across all networks and all formats to improve
 revenue and user experience. With a single point of control, publishers can
 smartly match their online video inventory from a collective sum of ad
 networks based on contextual analysis and past viewer behavior. is headquartered in San Mateo, California and serves millions
 of video views per day with an extensive inventory of more than 100 million