AEA Technology and SGI Collaborate to Provide Most Cost-Effective Fluid Flow Analysis

Solutions to Optimize CFX Software on SGI Computers Based on the Itanium


Nov 27, 2000, 00:00 ET from SGI

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Nov. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- SGI (NYSE:   SGI) and AEA
 Technology today announced that they are cooperating to provide best-in-class
 solutions for fluid flow analysis compatible with the new 64-bit Itanium(TM)
 processors. The solution will take place on the latest generation of SGI(TM)
     The AEA Technology(TM) CFX(TM) suite of software products for CFD
 (computational fluid dynamics) and the new generation of SGI computers are
 based on the Intel(R) Itanium processor. They have been designed to address
 the demanding needs of researchers and engineers in a range of sectors,
 including the automotive, aerospace, energy, chemical, rotating machinery,
 ventilation, and process industries.
     Itanium is the first product in the Itanium family of processors. It
 incorporates many leading-edge features specifically designed to address the
 expanding needs of the workstation user, such as the highest floating-point
 performance and large memory capabilities.
     "Jointly with SGI, AEA Technology is porting and optimizing CFX to the new
 Itanium processor-based SGI platform so that users can take full advantage of
 the new SGI technology and the industry-leading efficiency of the CFX software
 to solve complex fluid flow problems," said Dr. Georg Scheuerer, vice
 president, CFX Development for AEA Technology.
     "The new generation of SGI workstations and servers with an optimized
 version of CFX for the Itanium and the Linux operating system represents a
 huge benefit to the CAE market," said Dr. Ken Jacobsen, vice president of
 Worldwide Developer Programs for SGI. "This will create completely new
 opportunities for fluid flow analysis in industry and research that will
 reinforce our success with the MIPS microprocessors running on the IRIX
 operating system software."
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     About AEA Technology
     AEA Technology is a leading engineering software and consulting company
 that develops and license the CFX software for fluid flow analysis, offers
 consulting services, performs application projects and participates in
 development and research projects funded by either industrial clients or
 public institutions. For more information on AEA Technology Engineering
 Software and CFX, visit the web site at
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