Aer Lingus Revolutionizes Airfare Structure

Launches Its 'Low Fares, Way Better' Strategy on Transatlantic Services

Sep 27, 2004, 01:00 ET from Aer Lingus

    MELVILLE, N.Y., Sept. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Aer Lingus announced today a
 total revamping of its transatlantic business and leisure fare structure as
 part of its corporate goal of pioneering low fares on the Atlantic.
     The new program features three key elements:
      1 -  Reductions of 40 - 60% on Premier business class fares
      2 -  Lowering of economy fares and capping of the highest fares
      3 -  Simplified fare rules for all economy fares
     Reduction of Premier Business Class Fares:
     Aer Lingus now offers business class travel at rates previously pegged at
 economy class levels.
                              New              Previous             %
      Gateway(s)              One-Way Fare*    One-Way Fare*        Discount
      New York & Boston to
       Shannon and Dublin
       via SNN                $1,104           $2,272               50%
      New York to DUB
       nonstop                $1,304           $2,272               43%
      Chicago                 $1,504           $3,034               50%
      Los Angeles             $1,504           $3,695               60%
     These fares do not require any advance purchase or Saturday night stay,
 business travelers can enjoy great flexibility at a low price. Also of note is
 that there are no reductions on all in-flight and airport lounge services.
     Lowering of Economy Fares and Capping of the Highest Fares:
     In addition to lowering lead-in fares by 20 - 30%, Aer Lingus has now
 capped its highest economy one-way fare at $503*. Previously, the highest one-
 way fare was $838. Again, no Saturday night stay is required, allowing all
 customers to book the lowest available fare.
     Simplified Fare Rules For All Economy Fares:
     Aer Lingus has removed the complexity of traditional fare rules which
 based the fare on such variables including how early you book, whether you
 stay a Saturday night and if you were traveling roundtrip or one-way. With the
 introduction of our standard set of rules for all fares, customers can take
 advantage of the best fare regardless of when they are traveling or the length
 of their stay. In addition, Aer Lingus' website will
 feature the ability to combine our lowest transatlantic fare available with
 terrific add on fares to over 40 European destinations.
     The fare structure features the following:
      --  Ability to make changes to itinerary as well as passenger names
      --  Itinerary changes: $30/segment
      --  Name changes: $60 per change
      --  Ability to make one-way purchases without being penalized
      --  Outbound travel dates no longer determine fare seasonality. Customer
          will pay the lowest fare for each segment regardless of when they
          originate travel.
     "We believe that it is time to bring the low fare concept now prevalent in
 the U.S. and European domestic markets to transatlantic travel," said Jack
 Foley Executive Vice President. "It is our goal to position Aer Lingus as a
 profitable airline offering low fares and reliable travel on the Atlantic for
 both our business and leisure customers to Ireland and Europe."
     Aer Lingus' website has been updated with all new
 fares and rules and continues to be the only place to get Aer Lingus' lowest
     *Fares are each way and are available exclusively at . Excludes taxes, fees and facility charges of up to
 $80 per person. Fares also do not include the September 11th Security Fee of
 $2.50 for each enplanement that originates at a U.S. airport. Please see
 website for full details, terms and conditions.

SOURCE Aer Lingus