Aerial Billboard Photo Over South Florida

May 25, 2002, 01:00 ET from Center For Bio-Ethical Reform

    MIAMI, May 25 /PRNewswire/ -- The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform will begin
 the aerial towing of huge photo billboards bearing the images of aborted
 unborn children over beaches in South Florida.  The billboards will measure
 thirty feet tall and one hundred feet long and will also appear over beaches
 in several other regions of the country between Memorial Day weekend and the
 Labor Day holiday period.
     The purpose of this project is to reframe the abortion debate from a
 question of "choice" to a forced consideration of what is being chosen.
 Instead of merely expressing the opinion that abortion is an indefensible act
 of violence which kills a baby, our aerial photos will prove the facts which
 compel that conclusion among people of conscience. This and an expending
 campaign of related projects are designed to make abortion impossible to
 ignore or trivialize.
     The long history of social reform teaches that radical evil is most
 effectively overcome by activists using horrifying images to dramatize
 injustice which is being ignored by the culture. Societies which are complicit
 or complacent regarding injustice are typically in deep denial about their own
 culpability.  These images make it far more difficult for America to pretend
 that the unborn baby is a "blob of tissue" or that abortion is the lesser of
 two evils.
     Because the effect of viewing these photos is likely to be emotional
 trauma, parental discretion is advised.  Although we would not display these
 images at an elementary school or daycare center, etc., children see
 disturbing pictures every time they are pushed in shopping carts through the
 checkout stands at supermarkets, past color photos of airliners exploding into
 skyscrapers, etc., on the covers of news magazines.  And the same exposure is
 repeated endlessly with front page newspaper photos of Israelis and
 Palestinians butchering one another. etc.  If it is appropriate for news
 organizations to publish and broadcast shocking images, we claim that same
 First Amendment right. Our pictures save unborn children and upset born
 children.  Critics who care more about the feelings of born children than the
 lives of unborn children aren't pro-life, they are pro-feelings.
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SOURCE Center For Bio-Ethical Reform