African-American Women Declare Their Fashion Independence According to Survey

May 21, 1998, 01:00 ET from Pearle Vision

    CLEVELAND, May 21 /PRNewswire/ -- African-American women have declared
 their independence when it comes to expressing their fashion sense at work,
 according to a survey of 500 African-American professionals by Pearle Vision.
     Eighty-one percent of those surveyed stated that they express their own
 personal style at work regardless of what others choose, as compared to
 11 percent who felt their personal taste was the same as their co-workers'
 style.  Pearle Vision commissioned the survey to understand the prevailing
 opinions about fashion, and more specifically, eyewear fashions to support the
 launch of the Beverly Johnson line of eyewear.
     Supermodel Beverly Johnson, who has appeared on more than 500 magazine
 covers, designed her eyewear line to flatter women of color whose facial
 structures may differ from Caucasian women.
     According to the survey, those who had trouble finding glasses reported
 the following:  62 percent have trouble finding colors that look good on their
 skin tone color, 67 percent felt there were limited shapes and styles that
 reflect their personal style, and 47 percent had trouble finding frames that
 fit comfortably on their faces.
     The Beverly Johnson line features a higher, broader nose bridge that
 creates a better fit and is more flattering to women of color.  Additionally,
 the horizontal design is often more complimentary to the prominent cheekbones
 found in African-American, Hispanic and Asian-American women (see
     The seven frame styles in the first Pearle Vision collection feature bold
 colors -- fiery orange-red, demi-amber and rich yellows -- in addition to
 black frames with pearl or matte gold accents that are fashionable and
 flattering to the varied skin tones of women of color.
     "Regular gold does nothing to highlight the rich skin tones of women of
 color.  Richer yellows and matte golds bring out the highlights," said Marj
 McGraw, vice president of frame merchandising for Pearle Vision.  McGraw added
 that the Beverly Johnson line of frames have longer temples, and larger and
 wider eye-sizes than many of the other designer lines carried at Pearle.
     The Pearle Vision survey suggested that African-American women are leading
 the trend towards using eyewear as fashion accessory with 72 percent
 indicating that they own more than one pair of glasses vs. the national
 average of approximately 60 percent; and 84 percent saying they wear their
 glasses everyday.
     "There is no single standard of beauty that defines the way women of color
 are 'supposed' to look," said Johnson.  "Instead, in our features we proudly
 herald a rich multicultural heritage."
      Beverly Johnson's modeling work included the first Vogue cover to feature
 an African-American woman.  The actress, writer, businesswoman, volunteer and
 mother, has been described as the model who has "broken all color barriers."
 The Pealre Vision survey revealed one color barrier African-American women do
 not feel will soon be broken -- 62 percent did not feel it was possible that
 an African-American woman will be elected vice president or president of the
 U.S. by 2008.
     The Beverly Johnson Eyewear line is available exclusively at Pealr Vision.
 The Pearle Vision survey was commissioned through Essence Magazine of 500
 African-American women aged 25 to 54.  To locate the Pearle Vision nearest
 you, call 800-YES-EYES or visit the website

SOURCE Pearle Vision