AFSCME's Favorite: It's Ridge

Jun 24, 1998, 01:00 ET from AFSCME Council 13

    HARRISBURG, Pa., June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- The largest Pennsylvania AFL-CIO
 union, Council 13 AFSCME, today announced its endorsements of the reelections
 of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, and Lieutenant-Governor Mark Schweiker.
 AFSCME represents approximately 76,000 public employees and health care
 workers in Pennsylvania, including some 56,000 state employees.
     "Governor Ridge has earned, and deserves AFSCME's endorsement," said
 Council 13 AFSCME Executive Director, Edward J. Keller, "because Tom Ridge
 over the last three and a half years as Governor has treated state employees
 with fairness and decency, and demonstrated a healthy respect for the
 collective bargaining process and a healthy respect for state employees and
 the work that they do."
     Keller said AFSCME has never endorsed a Republican for election or
 reelection as Governor, but is endorsing Ridge "based on what he has done as
 Governor which evidences his commitment to a labor-management forum and agenda
 which brings decency, equity and fairness to state employees represented by
 this union."
     Keller said that although AFSCME and Governor Ridge typically have not
 agreed on all issues, "Based on his past performance, Governor Ridge has
 earned and deserves the endorsement of this union for reelection because of
 what we've been able to accomplish through the collective bargaining process
 and other labor-management forums."
     Keller also noted that AFSCME members believe many of Governor Ridge's
 initiatives have significantly helped their families.
     AFSCME's statewide political endorsements are made by its Statewide
 Political Action Steering Committee, whose members, Keller said, "represent
 the sentiments of the decisive majority of AFSCME members."