Aidan, Braden and Kaden Not Fadin' Announces Top Names for 2007

Dec 07, 2007, 00:00 ET from

    LOS ANGELES, Dec. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Aiden, Braden and Kaden continue to
 dominate the top three spots on members' top-rated name lists
 for baby boys, compiled each year from the tens of millions of visitors to
 the popular website. Jaden, also popular enough to make it into the top 10
 list (see sidebar), dropped from no. 4 in 2006 to no. 7 in 2007, while
 Hayden has dropped from the top 20 most popular boys names.
     "People now perceive Hayden as more of a girls' name - most likely due
 to the popularity of actress Hayden Panettiere from the TV show Heroes,"
 says Jennifer Moss, founder & CEO.
     Moss also points out the sudden disappearance of the name Madison from
 the top 20 girls' names. "For the first time in six years Madison is not
 topping the girls chart," notes Moss, who says the name has been replaced
 with the sound-a-like name Madeline.
     Moss notes that parents are starting to avoid choosing names that are
 too popular. "Because of the desire to choose more unique names," says
 Moss, "the popularity trends are changing faster than they have in previous
     Some parents who are at a loss for that perfect name are turning to
 name consultants for help. Moss approximates about 3,500 parents have used
 the name consulting service to help them name their baby.
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SIDEBAR: BABYNAMES.COM'S TOP 20 BABY NAMES FOR 2007 Name statistics include alternate spellings of the same name Top Girls' Names 2007: 1. Ava 2. Abigail 3. Cailyn 4. Madeline 5. Isabella 6. Emma 7. Caitlyn 8. Olivia 9. Chloe 10. Brianna 11. Hannah 12. Lily 13. Sophia 14. Kaylee 15. Haley 16. Ella 17. Adrianna 18. Isabelle 19. Arianna 20. Grace Top Boys' Names 2007: 1. Aiden 2. Braden 3. Kaden 4. Ethan 5. Caleb 6. Noah 7. Jaden 8. Connor 9. Landon 10. Jacob 11. Jackson 12. Elijah 13. Gavin 14. Dylan 15. Alexander 16. Aaron 17. Gabriel 18. Tristan 19. Benjamin 20. Lucas CONTACT: Jennifer Moss, CEO of email: phone: (818) 366-4910 available for phone and on-air interviews This release was issued through eReleases(TM). For more information, visit