Airgo True MIMO(TM) Installed Consumer Base Continues Dramatic Growth as Industry Standardization of MIMO Technology Nears

Robust Consumer Response Due to Superiority of True MIMO Data Speed, Coverage

and Signal Reliability

Jan 04, 2006, 00:00 ET from Airgo Networks, Inc.

    PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- In the latest chapter of one of
 the most dramatic innovation stories in the technology industry, Airgo
 Networks, Inc., pioneer and world leader in high performance wireless
 technology, has announced that more than 1.5 million computer networking
 devices have been produced using True MIMO chipsets.  These devices have been
 widely demonstrated to greatly improve wireless networking performance when
 interoperating both with standard and True MIMO enhanced Wi-Fi for PC
 equipment and consumer electronics devices.  According to The NPD Group, a
 leading provider of consumer and retail information, True MIMO powered OEM
 equipment sales are growing by an average of 67% per quarter over the past
 year.  CEO Greg Raleigh said on Monday that the "exceptional growth in end
 user adoption" of True MIMO technology reflects a growing consumer
 understanding of the value of high performance wireless products in home and
 office networks.  Airgo projects 5 million True MIMO powered OEM products will
 be installed by the fourth quarter of 2006.
     "Industry analyst reports show consumer and business purchases of True
 MIMO powered wireless networking equipment in the fourth quarter ending
 December 31, 2005 will be nearly seven times higher than the corresponding
 2004 period," Raleigh said.
     "Airgo has delivered the highest performing Wi-Fi chipset to date as
 evidenced by the market leading RangeMax(TM) 240 product line from NETGEAR(R)
 powered by Airgo True MIMO," said Vivek Pathela, Senior Director of Marketing
 for NETGEAR.  "We are also excited that IEEE proceedings are now converging to
 produce an 802.11n spec and a forum for multiple vendors to begin targeting
 MIMO enhanced Wi-Fi certified interoperability, eventually with performance
 levels near what Airgo has already achieved."
     "US retailers are thrilled with how well Airgo True MIMO-based enhanced
 Wi-Fi products are selling," noted Kurt Higgins, President of Channel Force.
 "Not only are customers willing to pay more for the throughput, range and
 reliability of hassle-free True MIMO products, but these products work so well
 that unlike other wireless networking products they are almost never returned
 to the stores."
     Among other factors cited for sales growth were the growing market
 awareness of the benefits of MIMO technology and the nearing of standard
 specifications being set by the IEEE.  Greg Raleigh, in commenting on the
 imminent industry agreement to pass a draft standard based on the spatial
 multiplexing technology that Airgo has pioneered, noted the company is "really
 pleased that the technology Airgo successfully brought to consumers is now
 going to become an industry-wide standard.  All indications point to a
 successful IEEE 802.11n first draft ratification vote in January 2006, with
 Wi-Fi Alliance certification testing being ready toward the end of 2006 or
 early 2007.  This is extremely positive news for consumers, OEMs and for Airgo
 since we have a two year product development lead and a very strong
 intellectual property position in the exact spatial multiplexing MIMO
 technology at the heart of 802.11n."
     About Airgo Networks, Inc.
     The founders of Airgo Networks have pioneered a wireless communication
 technique known as Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Orthogonal Frequency
 Division Multiplexing (OFDM).  A breakthrough in wireless, MIMO OFDM has been
 adopted as the foundation for defining the new IEEE 802.11n standard for next
 generation Wi-Fi(R).  Airgo is first-to-market with 802.11a/b/g-compliant MIMO
 enhanced chipset, software and reference design solutions.  Now in its third
 generation, Airgo's True MIMO(TM) technology has surpassed the speed of
 wireline connections, enabling the most bandwidth-intensive applications and
 eliminating the need for wires at home, at work, and in public places.
 Founded in January 2001, the company is headquartered in Palo Alto,
 California, USA.  Information about Airgo Networks is available at

SOURCE Airgo Networks, Inc.