AirPlay To Wed Live Television with Mobile Gaming to Create New 'AirPlay TV' Experience

Company Announces $4 Million Investment From Redpoint, Qualcomm in Debut at

National Association of Broadcasters' Futures Summit

Mar 20, 2006, 00:00 ET from AirPlay

    MONTEREY, Calif., March 20 /PRNewswire/ -- AirPlay announced today it will
 launch a new "AirPlay TV" experience this fall that has the power to transform
 millions of television viewers into active participants in live television
 programs.  While they watch, viewers can use their cell phones as gaming
 devices to choose winners and losers in reality television programs, compete
 against contestants in game shows and even predict plays in football games and
 other sporting events.
     Already millions of wireless customers use their handsets to participate
 in simple text message voting promotions. Last year, more than 40 million
 votes were sent by text message during a single season of American Idol,
 turning the program into a wireless interactive event.  But AirPlay would
 allow these millions of "vote-by-phone" consumers the capability to play along
 with the live broadcast, even compete with their friends, family and the
 entire audience while they watch the live broadcast of the program.
     "AirPlay can give any television viewer with a mobile phone the ability to
 go from the couch to the game show studio or even to the sidelines of a major
 broadcast sporting event and test his or her skills against friends, family or
 the world," said Morgan Guenther, CEO of AirPlay. "We're going to offer
 carriers, broadcasters and advertisers new opportunities to connect television
 with wireless devices and transform TV from a passive pastime to an engaging,
 competitive experience."
     Utilizing the real-time wireless networks already accessed by over
 200 million mobile handsets in today's television households, AirPlay has
 developed a patent-pending technology that will easily allow viewers to use
 their handsets as multiplayer gaming instruments for playing along in
 real-time with almost any broadcast television event.
     The company is officially taking the wraps off its product lineup at the
 National Association of Broadcasters ("NAB") Futures Summit in Monterey today.
 The NAB Futures Summit is the annual venue for showcasing new technologies
 that broadcasters can utilize to grow their audience in a challenging home
 entertainment environment. AirPlay's games will offer broadcasters a means of
 connecting directly with viewers in a new and meaningful way.
     AirPlay also announced that it has raised $4 million in funding from
 Silicon Valley stalwart Redpoint Ventures and wireless communication innovator
     AirPlay expects to launch its first content category -- AirPlay Sports
 -- in conjunction with the start of the professional and college football
 seasons this Fall. The AirPlay Sports experience will allow players to make
 live game and play predictions from their mobile phones and -- like popular
 fantasy sports -- compete directly amongst groups of friends for rewards and
 recognition.  Throughout the live television broadcasts, AirPlay Sports
 competitors will receive real-time updates of their scores and ranking against
 other players.
     Following the launch of AirPlay Sports, the company will create an entire
 platform of AirPlayTV events to include game and award shows, reality TV
 programming and other categories of real time televised entertainment.
 Content creators and broadcasters can easily integrate their programming into
 this platform and instantly create a more engaging experience for viewers.
 Integrating programming with AirPlay will not require content owners to make
 any new or incremental investments in technology or delivery infrastructure.
     Consumers will be able to download the AirPlay software to their handsets
 directly from select wireless carriers or via the AirPlay website
 ( Once downloaded to their handsets, consumers can view
 their own rolling schedule of live AirPlayTV events and create custom
 competitions among family members and friends.  AirPlay fully produces the
 live synchronization between wireless device and live broadcast.
     About AirPlay
     AirPlay is the creator and producer of AirPlayTV, a new category of real
 time, multiplayer interactive entertainment that lets viewers use their
 cellphones to play along with some of their favorite television programs.
 AirPlay's games offer broadcasters a means of connecting directly with viewers
 in a meaningful way during live programs.  Led by a dynamic team of
 experienced technology executives, AirPlay is backed by Qualcomm and Redpoint
 Ventures.  For more information about the company, please go to