Al Gore 'Debates' Global Warming for the First Time in YouTube Video; 'We Debate, You Decide' environmental education video series launched by

Oct 04, 2007, 01:00 ET from

    WASHINGTON, Oct. 4 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Since former Vice
 President and global warming activist Al Gore has so far refused to debate
 global warming skeptics, the debate has been brought to him. The public can
 now watch Al Gore make his case head-to-head against expert climatologists
 in the first episode of the new environmental education video series, "We
 Debate, You Decide," launched by
     The "Al Gore Debates Global Warming" video is posted on YouTube
     "Al Gore has refused multiple invitations to debate in-person about
 global warming," said Steve Milloy, executive director of
 "So we've decided to let video of his previous remarks do the talking for
 him," Milloy explained.
     In the first installment of DemandDebate's "We Debate, You Decide"
 series, Al Gore 'debates' expert climatologists on the central issue of
 whether carbon dioxide drives global warming.
     Al Gore says in the video that we're witnessing an unprecedented level
 of atmospheric carbon dioxide that is driving global temperatures higher.
 But expert climatologists .- including Syun-ichi Akasofu, Tim Ball, Ian
 Clark, Piers Corbyn, Patrick Michaels, Nir Shaviv and Frederick Singer -.
 say there is no evidence carbon dioxide drives global temperature change."
     "We'll see what the public thinks after both sides make their case on a
 specific and narrow point," said Milloy. "Global warming alarmists didn't
 fare so well last time that happened," he added.
     Last March, the prestigious New York debating society, Intelligence
 Squared, sponsored a debate on global warming, which may be viewed at A pre-debate poll
 indicated that, by 2-to-1 (57 percent to 29 percent, with 14 percent
 undecided), the audience believed that manmade global warming was a crisis.
 But in the post-debate poll, the audience reversed its pre-debate views --
 the ranks of the skeptics swelled to 46 percent, the believers plummeted to
 42 percent and the undecided declined slightly to 12 percent.
     "That's the power of debate," said Milloy. "Though Al Gore aggressively
 promotes global warming alarmism, he unfortunately seems to lack confidence
 in his ability to debating climate change against others. But Al Gore's
 curious reluctance will hardly stop the public from being able to see how
 his points stack up against that of climate experts," Milloy concluded.
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