Alabama Federation of Republican Women Propose Action to Curb Costs and Impacts of Illegal Immigration

Members Cite Inability of Legislature to Act on New Laws and Call On

Governor to Request AG to Assemble and Publicize Current Laws in Pamphlet

Form to Dissuade Illegal Immigration

Nov 12, 2007, 00:00 ET from Alabama Federation of Republican Women

    MONTGOMERY, Ala., Nov. 12 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Delegates of 26
 federated Republican Women clubs recently gathered in Huntsville, AL, for
 its biennial convention of the Alabama Federation of Republican Women
 (AFRW). At its general session attended by over 100 members, AFRW passed a
 resolution commending Governor Riley for his actions regarding illegal
 immigration and made three specific proposals to enhance efforts to cut
 costs and curb illegal immigration while new policies and laws are being
 formed and debated.
     The first recommendation was that the Attorney General assemble and
 publicize in pamphlet form all current laws that make it a crime to use
 stolen Social Security Numbers to get a job or apply for free public
 benefits. The second and third was to encourage vocational schools and
 entrepreneurs to train students and workers for jobs that attract illegal
 workers, and inform the public that workers who feel they are displaced by
 illegal workers can report employers and evidence to their local county
 district attorney.
     Speaking in support of the resolution as chair of illegal immigration
 issues, Elois Zeanah stated, "It is a felony to submit or accept bogus
 documents, and State government should do everything within its power to
 expeditiously spread the word that Alabama has these laws and enforces
 them. If illegal immigrants understand that Alabama government will
 aggressively punish attempts to use fraudulent documents to get a job and
 apply for public benefits, these actions will help curb costs and impacts
 of illegal immigration."
     The resolution references two new state panels that have been charged
 to address the growing public policy crises of finding additional monies to
 help the 16% of Alabama's 4.4 million residents who live in poverty and to
 propose solutions to illegal immigration in the state.
     AFRW President Virginia Howard connected the two panels, explaining
 that while the first panel had nothing to do with solving illegal
 immigration; the costs to fund illegal immigration had everything to do
 with the shortage of dollars to meet the crying needs of Alabama families
 who live in poverty.
     Howard stated that at the federal level, Congress passed a great bill
 in October 2006 but the government has failed to implement its provisions.
 At the state level, she said, great bills are introduced but Democrats
 don't let them get out of committee. "Alabama residents and state budgets
 can't wait for the Legislature to act on the recommendations of these two
 panels since it will take months if not years, and maybe forever," said
 Howard. "Our schools, medical care, public safety, and entitlement programs
 are hit hard, and our state and local budgets cannot sustain the costs of
 illegal immigration which grow faster than state revenues."

SOURCE Alabama Federation of Republican Women