Alarming Number of Americans Skipping Breakfast Although Studies Link to Performance

Apr 29, 2002, 01:00 ET from Shoney's

    NASHVILLE, Tenn., April 29 /PRNewswire/ -- More Americans are skipping
 breakfast today than 30 years ago, with approximately 25 percent of the
 population skipping breakfast on average, according to the NPD Group, Inc.'s
 National Eating Trends Survey.
     To try and reverse this trend, Shoney's restaurants is celebrating May as
 "Remember Breakfast" month and encouraging people to sit down and eat
     While nutritionists agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the
 day, it's fast becoming the most neglected meal of the day.  Experts say
 skipping breakfast shouldn't be an option because studies show that:
     * Children who eat breakfast score higher on achievement tests and have
       lower rates of absenteeism.
     * Breakfast can provide as much as 28 percent of Americans' daily intake
       of vitamins and minerals.
     * Eating breakfast can significantly boost one's memory.
     Why all the buzz about breakfast?
     Eating breakfast on a regular basis is one of the key behaviors among
 individuals who are successful at losing weight and maintaining that weight
 loss.  Experts at the National Weight Control Registry say that's because
 breakfast-eaters are less likely to snack later in the morning or overeat at
     Shoney's doesn't want people to forget about the importance of breakfast.
 What better time than spring to get back into the habit of eating breakfast?
     "Whether it's with a child, co-worker, client or friend, Shoney's is
 encouraging people to take time to sit down for breakfast," said Denise Horne,
 senior director of marketing for Shoney's.  "Studies continue to prove that
 breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, providing essential
 vitamins and nutrients, and many other little-known benefits."  For example,
 did you know:
     * There is a higher rate of industrial accidents when breakfast is
     * Kids who eat breakfast before school are less likely to be described as
       depressed, anxious, or hyperactive by teachers or parents.
     * Nutrients missed by skipping breakfast are not compensated for in
       subsequent meals.
     Shoney's anticipates dishing out the following amounts of breakfast buffet
 items at each Shoney's restaurant, each week during the month of May:
     * 500 pounds of eggs
     * 270 pounds of bacon
     * 145 pounds of sausage
     * 110 pounds of pancakes
     * 6 gallons of pancake syrup
     * 250 pounds of fresh fruit
     * 1,000 cornbread muffins
     "The great thing about Shoney's Breakfast Buffet is guests can get in and
 out as fast as they like" said Horne.  "With over 25 items to choose from,
 there is sure to be something for everyone."
     For a limited time, guests can get a gift certificate for a free family
 portrait from Olan Mills with a purchase of the breakfast buffet.
     Founded in 1947, Shoney's has 187 company and 182 franchisee-operated
 restaurants located in 24 states, primarily in the Southeast.
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SOURCE Shoney's