Alibre Introduces First Web-based Mechanical Design Service With Commercial Availability of Alibre Design 1.0

Announces Special Offer for Unlimited Use Intranet Version for $5,000

Apr 18, 2000, 01:00 ET from Alibre, Inc.

    RICHARDSON, Texas, April 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Alibre, Inc., the first
 company to offer a Web-based mechanical collaborative product development
 service, today announced the immediate availability of Alibre Design(TM) 1.0.
 Alibre Design is the first service that leverages the Internet as a platform
 to provide an integrated team environment for collaborative mechanical design
 and data management.
     In addition to making the service available on a standard subscription
 basis for $100 per month at , the Company offers an
 intranet version of Alibre Design that enables a company to host the service
 on their own internal servers.  For a limited time, Alibre will offer an
 intranet license for $5,000 that allows unlimited usage for up to six months.
     "Our vision is to transform the mechanical design process from one built
 around desktop-centric single-user products to one based on services that are
 multi-user and collaborative," says Alibre President and CEO, J. Paul Grayson.
 "In addition to providing an extremely compelling Web-based technology, we are
 revolutionizing the business model in this market by offering an unlimited use
 intranet license of Alibre Design for essentially the cost of a single seat of
 a traditional CAD system."
     The $5,000 intranet license is normally intended for five concurrent users
 for one year.  However, the terms of this offer will enable intranet licensees
 to make the service available to an unlimited number of users within their
 organization for six months.  After the six-month period, Alibre will evaluate
 the actual usage of the system and transition the customer to a negotiated
 monthly subscription.
     Alibre Design is a subscription-based service that eliminates large
 capital expenditures and restrictive licensing associated with traditional
 mechanical design software.  By operating as an Application Service Provider
 (ASP), Alibre will change the manner in which local or geographically
 distributed teams of engineers, designers, suppliers and related project
 members work collectively on mechanical product designs.
     With its ability to connect engineers and designers down the hall or
 around the world, Alibre Design is the first service or product that enables
 the global manufacturing community to capitalize on the Internet as a truly
 pervasive computing platform.  The improved communication and group
 participation afforded by Alibre Design brings the collective design and
 manufacturing expertise of an organization and its suppliers to bear earlier,
 thus facilitating the exploration of design alternatives or catching potential
 problems sooner.  As a result, design cycles are shortened, quality is
 improved and costs are reduced.
     "The real-time collaboration and data sharing capabilities of Alibre
 Design offer engineers and designers improved ways to work together with
 manufacturing," says Ken Versprille, Program Manager - Design Creation and
 Validation, DH Brown Associates, Inc.  "Collaboration facilitates creativity
 and lowers costs by bringing issues to the forefront early on in the design
 process.  As a result, companies will be able to get products to market faster
 and more cost effectively by decreasing development time with fewer design
 changes and less travel expenses."
     Key Features and Significant Enhancements Featured in Alibre Design 1.0
     Some of the key features offered by Alibre Design include:
     -- Web-enabled collaboration through Real-time Team Modeling(SM) sessions;
     -- Tools for creating and managing teams and associated team member roles
        and policies;
     -- Web-based data management to securely control access to design data and
        manage revisions;
     -- Parametric feature-based solid modeler with automatic and associative
        2D drawing creation.
     After an extensive beta and public preview program, Alibre has gathered
 user feedback and incorporated several new features into the Alibre Design
 service.  Significant enhancements have been made to both the feature set of
 the modeling application as well as to the service aspect in terms of greater
 security, reliability and performance.  Application enhancements include:
     -- Part creation and editing in the context of an assembly;
     -- "Auto-mate" feature providing single-click part mating and alignment
        for fast assembly construction;
     -- 2D drafting and detailing improvements with support for section, detail
        and auxiliary views;
     -- Improved STEP support including import of parts in STEP format directly
        into an assembly;
     -- Optimized Windows 98 support including more efficient memory
     Operational/Service enhancements include:
     -- RAID 5 fault tolerant storage system for user repositories;
     -- Clustered Application Servers to maximize application uptime in case of
        server failure;
     -- Firewall protection providing high security on Alibre servers;
     -- Enhanced SSL security to protect customer data;
     -- Daily backups to protect against user data loss; and
     -- Dual processor application server with 1GB of memory for improved
     "Our early users have been instrumental throughout the development
 process," says Tommy Steele, COO of Alibre.  "We've made a major effort to
 bring users into the process early.  Customers participating in our Public
 Preview program have been the driving force behind Alibre Design 1.0 and we're
 very pleased with the result."
     Alibre Design is based on an architecture that is segmented into three
 tiers: a Web browser-based client, an application "design" server and a design
 data "repository" server.  The Windows-based client provides a familiar Web
 browser user interface with the look and feel of a Web site and handles the
 graphical display of 3D models and 2D engineering drawings.  The application
 "design server" handles core parametric, feature-based solid modeling and 2D
 drawing creation.  Alibre Design's repository server offers many of the
 features and benefits of Product Data Management (PDM) systems.  In addition
 to secure data transmission and storage, key features include configurable
 access privileges, version and revision management and check-in/check-out.
     Alibre Design also provides a 3D parametric, feature-based solid modeler
 that supports the design of both parts and assemblies, as well as the
 automated and associative generation of 2D engineering drawings.  While Alibre
 Design provides a powerful integrated 3D modeler, the value proposition
 extends beyond the solid modeler and focuses on improving the flow of
 information throughout the product development process.  Alibre Design shifts
 the value from the point of data creation to the point of data communication
 through a number of advanced Internet-enabled capabilities, such as Real-time
 Team Modeling(SM) and secure product data repository sharing and management.
     Pricing and Availability
     Individual users can access the service via the Internet from
 The online collaboration and data sharing features of Alibre Design are
 offered at $100 per month, per user to individuals.  Offline use of the Alibre
 Design 3D solid modeler is free.
     The self-hosted intranet version of Alibre Design, allowing unlimited
 concurrent users for up to six months for $5,000, is available for a limited
 time, and is intended for companies that want complete control over user
 administration and data management.  Larger companies can implement the system
 via an outsourced private broadband intranet hosted by Alibre partners such as
 Qwest and Data Return.  Companies interested in outsourced hosting may contact
 Alibre for pricing information.
     About Alibre
     Alibre provides the first Web-based mechanical collaborative product
 development service.  The Company's vision is to liberate design and
 engineering professionals from standalone desktop applications to an
 interactive, connected Web environment where the service can be accessed
 securely anytime, from anywhere and computing power is theoretically
 unlimited.  Alibre will change the manner in which geographically dispersed
 groups of engineers and designers work together, changing design software from
 a tool focused on the individual to one that improves the flow of design and
 manufacturing knowledge throughout the enterprise and the extended supply
     Alibre was founded in 1997 by former Micrografx CEO and Chairman, Paul
 Grayson, and is based in Richardson, TX.  For more information, visit the
 Alibre Web site at or call (972) 671-8492.
     Alibre and Alibre Design are trademarks of Alibre, Inc.  All other brand
 names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders.

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