Allianz Brings the America's Cup to Rockefeller Center

Gary Jobson's Top Five Tips For Sailing The Open Seas

Jun 26, 2006, 01:00 ET from Allianz

    NEW YORK, June 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Allianz, one of the largest and most
 renowned financial services providers in the world, has brought the racing
 yacht of the only USA challenger to midtown Manhattan. Allianz executives
 Blake Moore, CEO of Allianz Global Investors US Retail LLC; Patrick Foley,
 Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Allianz Life
 Insurance Company of North America; and Christopher Heidrick, Vice
 President of Personal Insurance, Fireman's Fund hosted Gary Jobson today at
 Rockefeller Center. Jobson, aboard the 80-foot carbon fiber yacht currently
 docked at 30 Rockefeller Center, offered his top five sailing tips for
 navigating the open seas. Jobson is a Hall of Fame inductee and ESPN
 sailing commentator.
     1. Don't be Afraid to be Innovative
     While there are many nifty rules in sailing, there are many times where
 it pays to be experimental. For example, it is okay at times to have
 wrinkles in the sail as long as you have the desired shape. If you are
 overpowered because there is too much wind, I find it acceptable to carry a
 luff in the sails. When sailing downwind, it often pays to sail by the lee
 for short periods of time as opposed to losing much distance making extra
 jibes. I also find that it pays to over shoot a windward mark by a few
 extra feet so you approach with extra speed and allow for misjudgment.
     Like the America's Cup team, Allianz shares a desire for innovation
 across products and markets, where we can deliver high quality, reliable
 and affordable solutions and create new experiences that empower
 individuals to outperform and improve business (the team) performance.
 Allianz can deliver expertise in the area of equipment failures through its
 technology practice, Allianz Centre of Technology (AZT) -- which liaised on
 the design and technology features of the boat -- including forensic
 examination of failures, maintenance schedule and risk management, which
 are all areas where Allianz core competencies may provide a competitive
 edge for an America's Cup boat.
     2. No Mistakes - Critical Success Factors
     Most often the boat that wins a sailboat race is a team that eliminates
 errors. Crew practice is often the factor making the difference in making
 errors in the heat of the battle. Mission -- Fast Yachts, Well sailed --
 That don't break! This relates directly to Allianz business forecasters
     The America's Cup requires a level of performance between the skipper
 and the crew which must work seamlessly together in order to be successful.
 Allianz encourages a similar environment, where the quality and reliability
 of products and services, combined with an experienced team of experts
 ensures the very best results are achieved for customers and clients.
     Allianz is a sound choice to cover customer's risks and manage their
 financial provisions, because we are highly recognized for financial
 strength and have the competence of the second largest asset manager in the
     3. Define Duties
     The happiest boats are sailed by crews who know their exact jobs while
 they are racing. Before every race, organize a crew meeting to go over
 everyone's job and state the goal for the day. Then after the day sailing,
 have another crew meeting to analyze the day, and get everyone ready for
 the next race.
     Success in sailing depends on a collective performance throughout an
 extended period. The ability to perform is also the key driver for Allianz
 and is based on a clear strategy, executed by a team of skilled
 professionals in a concise and proficient manner.
     Allianz is committed to serve the customer along their evolving
 financial goals, based on mutual trust and reliability. Since 1890, Allianz
 customers have appreciated our efforts to keep commitments on services and
 performance as promised.
     4. Catching a Wave
     The best way to catch a wave to is keep the hull perpendicular to a
 passing wave. Time it so that the boat is upright and there is no pressure
 on the rudder just as the wave passes under the hull. When steering, head
 the bow into the deepest troth and steer so that the boat is perpendicular
 to that wave. Then tell your trimmers whether you intend to head up or bear
 off to follow the wave.
     To achieve their individual goals in insurance and financial matters,
 people look for a professional partner with a qualified pedigree. In times
 of change and risk -- just as on a racing yacht -- Allianz and its team of
 experts are the trusted partner to turn to, striking a balance between
 managing risks and reaping the reward as well as gauging the climate.
 Allianz enables the individual to find the best solution for his/her needs,
 providing products and services that prove their value in moments of truth.
     5. Talk with Your Competitors
     Often I gain my most valuable information after the race talking with
 my competitors. It amazes me how much information I can gather after a day
 of sailing. People like to talk and you should take advantage of the
     Allianz operates at a global level and shares this major platform --
 Allianz operates in 70 countries, with more than 60 million customers.
     Allianz provides the individual with expert advice, both through clear
 and relevant information and through a network of highly qualified staff or
 intermediaries. Due to their local knowledge, Allianz advisers understand,
 in depth, the financial needs of customers in every market.
     About Gary Jobson
     Gary Jobson won the America's Cup in 1977 as the tactician aboard the
 U.S. yacht Courageous, and has had a long and distinguished career in the
 racing environment. During his time, Gary has competed and commentated on
 many America's Cup competitions, a role he will continue to take in this
 year's event. In addition to his broadcasting responsibilities, Gary is
 also the Allianz Sailing Ambassador for the 32nd America's Cup helping to
 promote the sport and the event across the globe. Gary is a contributing
 writer for Sailing World and Cruising World magazines, an author, movie
 producer, and considered to be the pre-eminent ambassador for sailing in
 the U.S.
     About Allianz
     Allianz Group is one of the largest and most renowned financial
 services providers in the world. Representing an international network of
 strong brands with first-class products, we bring together the expertise of
 specialists in the fields of property and casualty insurance, life and
 health insurance, asset management and banking. Above all, we are committed
 to excellence in our daily business -- in relationships with customers,
 shareholders, employees and society.
     Founded in 1890 in Berlin, Allianz is now present in more than 70
 countries with over 177,000 employees. At the top of the international
 group is the holding company, Allianz AG, with its head office in Munich.
 Allianz Group provides its more than 60 million customers worldwide with a
 comprehensive range of services in the areas of:
     * Property and Casualty Insurance
       Allianz offers a wide range of private insurance solutions that can
       provide private customers with security and peace of mind. Allianz
       offers property and casualty insurance for all businesses and industries
       -- from small and mid-size companies to large corporations -- and from
       agriculture through service provision to industrial output. In response
       to today's ever-changing marketplace, Allianz's specialists worldwide
       are working together to develop the best solutions in insurance and risk
     * Life and Health Insurance
       Allianz invests in private customer's future by providing flexible life
       insurance policies, pension plans and long-term care products. For
       health care, Allianz offers a variety of solutions -- from complete
       private health coverage to complementary health insurance -- designed to
       meet the specific needs of one's particular situation. Allianz also
       offers attractive products for business customers -- from general
       pension funds to solutions for company directors. Allianz offers
       everything from assistance with complicated pension management issues to
       health insurance products for the firm and its employees.
     * Asset Management and Banking
       As a global network of investment experts, Allianz Global Investors
       offers a wide range of high performance mutual funds and investment
       solutions developed by Allianz's network of world-class investment
       specialists. The combination of Allianz and Dresdner Bank creates
       considerable value added through a wider range of financial products for
       customers in Germany, broader sales channels, and greater advisory
       capacity and expertise. It also allows more convenient access to private
       and company pension products. For multinational clients Dresdner
       Kleinwort Wasserstein -- the investment bank of Dresdner Bank with
       international reach -- offers a full range of capital markets and
       advisory services.
     For further information on Allianz, please visit .
     About Allianz Global Investors
     Allianz Global Investors offers access to the institutional expertise
 of the Allianz-owned investment firms, including PIMCO, NFJ Investment
 Group, Oppenheimer Capital, RCM, Nicholas-Applegate and PEA Capital. With
 more than $1 trillion under management, Allianz Global Investors is one of
 the world's leading asset management companies. Our investment solutions --
 including mutual funds, managed accounts and closed-end funds -- represent
 a broad spectrum of asset classes and investment styles. For more
 information please visit
     About Fireman's Fund
     Fireman's Fund is a premier property and casualty insurance company
 providing personal, commercial and specialty insurance products nationwide.
 Fireman's Fund is a member of the Allianz Group (NYSE:   AZ), one of the
 world's largest providers of insurance and other financial services. For
 more information about Fireman's Fund, visit
     About Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America
     Founded in 1896 and based in Minneapolis, Allianz Life Insurance
 Company of North America is a leading provider of fixed and variable
 annuities, life insurance policies, long term care insurance products, and
 health excess of loss insurance products in the United States. Allianz Life
 Insurance Company of North America is one of the primary companies of
 Allianz AG. Allianz AG employs over 177,000 people worldwide.
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