ALS (Lou Gehrig 's Disease) Patients Launch

Suggesting 'Good Karma' Can Reverse the Curse of the Bambino

Oct 12, 2004, 01:00 ET from ALS Therapy Development Foundation

    CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- ALS patients Matt Dowd of Dover,
 MA and Brent Paulhus of Amesbury, MA today unveiled a solution to Reversing
 the Curse of the Bambino while raising money for ALS research.  Similar to Red
 Sox fans whose hopes for a Pennant have been dashed since 1918, both have
 lived with the pain and frustration of ALS for years. The two self-proclaimed
 "rabid Red Sox fans" understand the value of perseverance and hope and
 miracles and believe good karma plays a role in their ongoing health.
 Similarly, they believe the Sox will benefit from some good karma so launched, providing an opportunity for fans to show
 their support while raising money for ALS research.
    The home-spun site features a Karma Score Board pitting Sox and Yank fans
 against each other dollar for dollar, to reverse the curse of the Bambino, --
 and Lou Gehrig's disease -- named for the legendary Yankees first baseman and
 teammate of Babe Ruth.
     Dowd and Paulhus predict that Red Sox Nation will trounce the donations of
 Yankees fans and therefore help turn the karma and turn the tide. The duo is
 forwarding all proceeds to the Cambridge-based ALS-TDF laboratory, the
 nation's leading non-profit ALS research institute.
     "Both ALS-TDF and the Red Sox have the best teams on paper  ...  but the
 games have yet to be played.  And, while the Sox have a formidable payroll,
 ALS TDF probably could not cover Manny Ramirez's paycheck for even a few
 months.  Whether it originates from Sox or Yankees fans, funding for ALS
 research will enable us to win the battle against ALS that much sooner," says
     "I strongly believe in the power of positive thinking," adds Dowd. "As an
 ALS sufferer I can attest that a good attitude has helped me overcome many
 obstacles. And, as a die-hard Red Sox fan, I am confident that the good wishes
 and support of millions of fans can make a difference.  Just as each and every
 donation to ALS research can as well."
     About ALS TDF
     Founded in 1999, ALS TDF is a nonprofit biotechnology company with an in-
 house state-of-the-art laboratory dedicated to the discovery and development
 of treatments for ALS patients, regardless of profit potential.
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SOURCE ALS Therapy Development Foundation