Altera Opens 30th Joint Laboratory and Training Center in China

Future Engineers to Learn About Programmable Logic Advantages Through

Education and Hands-On Experience

Apr 02, 2007, 01:00 ET from Altera

    HONG KONG, April 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Altera Corporation
 (Nasdaq:   ALTR) today announced the opening of the Joint Laboratory and
 Training Center (JLTC) at South China Normal University in China -- the
 30th such training center Altera has established in the country. Part of
 Altera's worldwide University Program, the JLTCs are equipped with the
 latest Altera(R) Quartus(R) II software and development kits to aid
 professors in conducting hands-on training with students.
     "This is an outstanding contribution to overall PLD education in
 China," said Professor Liu Ming, vice president of South China Normal
 University. "The joint labs and training centers will enable design
 engineering students to build their expertise in FPGA and structured ASIC
 design methodology. The joint labs are also beneficial to China's success
 in the increasingly competitive global electronics marketplace."
     "China represents a strategic area of growth for Altera, as it is
 quickly becoming a center of innovation," said David Shen, Altera's vice
 president and managing director, Asia Pacific. "We are committed to
 educating China's future workforce, as engineers at OEMs, start-ups and
 design houses in China are increasing their use of programmable technology
 for their time-to-market and cost advantages."
     Joint Laboratory and Training Centers in China
     Education and training are among Altera's top priorities in China. As a
 part of Altera's long-term commitment to providing world-class technology and
 education to Chinese engineers, 30 JLTCs have been established in China since
     Date of          University               Name of the JLTC    Province
     March 25, 2004   University of            EDA-SOPC            Sichuan
                       Electronic Science       Joint Lab
                       and Technology
                       of China
     June 20, 2004    South China University   SOPC/DSP Joint      Guangdong
                       of Technology            Lab and
                                                Training Center
     Sep. 20, 2004    Chongqing University     EDA-SOPC Joint      Chongqing
     Oct. 20, 2004    Jiangsu University       PLD and SOPC        Jiangsu
                                                Joint Lab
     Nov. 22, 2004    Northwestern             EDA-SOPC Joint      Shanxi
                       University               Lab
     March 15, 2005   Xi'an Institute of       SOPC Joint Lab      Shanxi
                       Post and
     March 31, 2005   Shanghai Jiaotong        Student             Shanghai
                       University               Innovation Lab
     April 13, 2005   Hangzhou Dianzi          EDA-SOPC Joint      Zhejiang
                       University               Lab
     May 27, 2005     Beijing Jiaotong         SOPC/DSP Joint      Beijing
                       University               Lab
     Aug. 18, 2005    Tsinghua University      SOPC/DSP Joint      Beijing
     Oct. 18, 2005    Guilin University of     Digital System/     Guangxi
                       Electronic Technology    SOPC Joint Lab
     Oct. 20, 2005    Shanghai Jiaotong        EDA-SOPC Joint      Shanghai
                       University               Lab
     Dec. 07, 2005    Shandong University      SOPC/IA Joint       Shandong
                       of Science and           Lab
     March 29, 2006   Xidian University        EDA/SOPC Joint      Shanxi
                                                Lab and
                                                Training Center
     April 27, 2006   Wuhan Institute          SOPC Joint Lab      Hubei
                       of Technology
     April 27, 2006   Wuhan University         EDA/SOPC Joint      Hubei
                       of Science and           Lab
     May 18, 2006     North China              EDA/SOPC Joint      Beijing
                       University of            Lab
     June 13, 2006    Beijing University       EDA/SOPC Joint      Beijing
                       of Technology            Lab
     Sept. 15, 2006   Northeastern             EDA/SOPC Joint      Liaoning
                       University               Lab and Training
     Sept. 19, 2006   Peking University        SOPC Joint Lab      Guangdong
                       Shenzhen Graduate        and Training
                       School                   Center
     Oct. 29, 2006    Southwestern Jiaotong    EDA/SOPC Joint      Sichuan
                       University               Lab
     Nov. 2, 2006     South-Central            EDA/SOPC Joint      Hubei
                       University for           Lab
     Nov. 2, 2006     Huazhong University      EDA/SOPC Joint      Hubei
                       of Science and           Lab and Training
                       Technology               Center
     Nov. 10, 2006    East China Normal        EDA/SOPC Joint      Shanghai
                       University               Lab
     Nov. 22, 2006    Harbin Institute         EDA/SOPC Joint      Heilongjiang
                       of Technology            Lab
     Dec. 1, 2006     Southeastern University  EDA/SOPC Joint      Jiangsu
                                                Lab and Training
     Jan. 15, 2007    Harbin University        EDA/SOPC Joint      Heilongjiang
                       of Science and           Lab
     March 13, 2007   Zhejiang University      EDA/SOPC Joint      Zhejiang
                       of Technology            Lab
     March 20, 2007   Guangdong University     EDA/SOPC Joint      Guangdong
                       of Technology            Lab
     March 21, 2007   South China Normal       EDA/SOPC Joint      Guangdong
                       University               Lab
     In addition, Altera will continue to sponsor the annual Professor
 Conference and Nios(R) II Embedded Processor Design Contest in China to
 help professors and students better understand and master Altera's latest
 technology and product development solutions. To learn more about Altera's
 university program, visit
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