Alternative Construction Company's ACTech Panel System to be Subject of Hurricane Projectile Test Demonstration in Florida

Revels Construction of SW Florida to Compare Results of Projectile Tests on

Bradenton Job Site

Jun 19, 2007, 01:00 ET from Alternative Construction Company, Inc.

    MELBOURNE, Fla., June 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Alternative
 Construction Company, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board:   ACCY) announced today that
 its ACTech Panel System will be compared in a test of hurricane projectile
 strength against conventional building materials. Revels Construction of SW
 Florida will be conducting the test at a current jobsite in Bradenton. The
 presentation is also to include a demonstration of the speed and ease of
 use of the ACTech Panel System and many of the other inherent "efficiency"
 qualities of the system. Dave Revels, the Founder and co-owner of Revels
 Construction and a former Manatee County Building Inspector stated, "As far
 as we are concerned, this is the state of the art in housing technology. We
 have not found the number of features and benefits found in the ACTech
 structural insulated panel in any other materials at any cost." The
 demonstration will begin at 1PM, June 22 at 4419 37th Street East (2 blocks
 North from State Road 70 on 37th Street E).
     To be compliant with hurricane projectile test standards, FEMA requires
 that an 8 foot, 6 pound "2 X 4" be projected at a structure or construction
 material at a speed of 34 m.p.h. without penetration. A "wind" cannon will
 be present to launch the projectiles. The demonstration will compare
 results of the "2 X 4" projectiles shot at a wood framed (and sheathed)
 construction method, a block based construction method and the ACTech Panel
 system. Spectators, builders and builder associations, broadcast and print
 media and potential home buyers are invited to view the demonstration.
     Steve Rechtsteiner, also a co-owner and Founder of Revels Construction,
 works with customers to design their homes to meet cost and feature
 specifications. "As an architect, an engineer, a national plans examiner
 and a builder, I am able to achieve customer goals while achieving
 excellent economics. More often than not, our homes are built at a cost of
 $78-90 per square foot base price. This while providing the very highest
 quality, secure and energy efficient home. The long-term value of 35-70% in
 monthly energy bill savings cannot be over stated."
     For directions or questions, please contact Dave Revels at 941-685-1178
 or Steve Rechtsteiner at 941-713-5012.
     Alternative Construction Company, Inc. (ACC) possesses a unique and
 patented construction technology called the ACTech(TM) Panel System that is
 used in the design and production of state of the art buildings in
 commercial, residential, industrial and modular building applications.
 Generically known as structural insulated panels (SIPs), ACC's
 revolutionary and efficient construction solution utilizes an inherently
 better galvanized steel "skin" SIP system to complete energy efficient,
 stronger, safer, faster, and more economical structure than conventional
 wood and brick based building products. The patented ACTech SIP system is
 environmentally-friendly and easier to construct with -- not only saving
 labor cost and cutting construction time, but also reducing recurring
 monthly heating and cooling energy bills by 30-50% and often more. Most
 importantly, the ACTech panel system possesses disaster tolerant strength
 and has tested stronger than conventional concrete block or wood frame
 construction. In hurricane projectile tests, the ACTech(TM) Panel System
 has proved to meet or surpass the most stringent wind, projectile and
 uplift codes in the nation levied by the 2006 Florida Building Code. The
 ACTech(TM) Panel System offers builders and consumers many competitive and
 comparative advantages of use due to its wide range of attributes. As this
 new construction technology gains awareness or hurricane- and tornado-prone
 states establish new building codes and rebuild from recent weather
 disasters, ACC believes its products will be in greater demand.
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 within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
 These forward-looking statements relate to, among other things, plans and
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SOURCE Alternative Construction Company, Inc.