Ambion and Rosetta Genomics Announce Licensing and Commercialization Deal To Advance microRNA Research

Agreement provides Ambion access to Rosetta's database of proprietary microRNA

sequences for a range of applications in medical research

Sep 12, 2005, 01:00 ET from Rosetta Genomics Ltd. from ,Ambion, Inc.

    TENAFLY, N.J., Sept. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Rosetta Genomics Ltd., a privately
 held biopharmaceutical company that develops microRNA-based therapeutic and
 diagnostic agents, and Ambion, Inc., an Austin, TX-based life sciences company
 that develops technologies for RNA analysis, today announced a collaborative
 licensing agreement that will provide Ambion access to proprietary microRNA
 (miRNA) sequences discovered and owned by Rosetta Genomics.  The agreement
 enables Ambion to adapt its microRNA platforms to detect, quantify, and
 functionally characterize Rosetta Genomics' proprietary microRNA sequences.
 The resulting products will facilitate basic and applied microRNA research
 initiatives by academic and industrial scientists worldwide.
     "Identifying and understanding the role of microRNAs in human health
 represents a new frontier in therapeutic and diagnostic research.  We are very
 pleased that this agreement with Rosetta Genomics allows us to expand our
 product offering for researchers studying microRNAs, making it possible to
 more thoroughly examine the roles of microRNAs in biological processes like
 neural development, immune response, viral infection, and oncogenesis," said
 Matt Winkler, Chief Executive Officer of Ambion.
     There is a growing body of evidence that microRNAs appear in different
 concentrations in healthy cells versus diseased cells.  Thus, measuring and
 altering the amount of microRNAs in cells could be a promising tool in
 diagnosis and treatment for a range of diseases.
     "MicroRNAs appear to play a critical role in gene expression and
 regulation, and are, therefore, likely to play a pivotal role in both the
 diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. Our collaboration with Ambion will
 make it possible to apply Rosetta's technology and microRNA database to
 research efforts that will have a significant impact on human health in the
 years ahead," said Amir Avniel, President of Rosetta Genomics.
     About MicroRNAs
     MicroRNA molecules are a recently discovered class of small RNA molecules
 that are critical in the development and life cycle of humans, animals, and
 plants.  MicroRNAs are major regulators of global gene expression and likely
 play significant roles in the manifestation of many disease states.  Recent
 evidence indicates that microRNAs play a critical role in the development of
 cancer and certain viral infections.
     About Rosetta Genomics
     Rosetta Genomics Ltd., a private biopharmaceutical company with operations
 in the United States and Israel, is a world leader in the development of
 microRNA-based therapeutic and diagnostic agents.  The company has developed a
 large and growing database of novel microRNA genes identified via its
 proprietary chip technology and computational algorithms.  The company has
 filed several patents related to its novel microRNAs.  Rosetta's current
 development endeavors include unique classes of microRNA agents with potential
 applications in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases.  For
 more information, please visit Rosetta Genomics at:
     About Ambion
     Ambion, Inc., The RNA Company(R), is a leader in the development and
 supply of innovative, RNA-based life science research and molecular diagnostic
 products. Ambion has taken a leadership role in developing products for
 handling, preserving, isolating, detecting and measuring RNA in areas such as
 molecular biology, cell biology, microbiology, drug discovery and genomics.
 Ambion has been active in microRNA research and providing microRNA-related
 products since 2002. Ambion has filed several patents related to technologies
 for analyzing microRNAs as well as the identities of microRNAs related to
 cancer and other human diseases.  For more information, please visit Ambion

SOURCE Rosetta Genomics Ltd.; Ambion, Inc.