American Astronomical Society Announces Audio Hookup for Hubble Press Conference

Jun 05, 1997, 01:00 ET from American Astronomical Society

    Reporters can listen in to the audio from the American Astronomical
 Society press conference on The Latest from the Hubble Space Telescope on
 Monday, June 9 at 12:45 p.m. EDT by calling any of three lines at a NASA
 communications facility in Florida:
     407-867-1220, 407-867-1240, and 407-867-1260.
     If the briefing is underway, you will hear the audio; if it has not
 started, the line will be silent until it begins.  Please do not publish these
 numbers as capacity is limited.
     Questions can be faxed during the briefing to:
     Dr. Steve Maran
     AAS Press Room
     The cover sheet should be plainly marked: "QUESTION FOR HUBBLE PRESS
     Reporters wishing to interview the participating Hubble Telescope
 scientists after the briefing should call the Press Room at 910-727-8463 and
 ask for Tammy Jones, who will schedule interviews.
     The press conference will originate at the American Astronomical Society
 meeting at the Benton Convention Center, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
 Images and data from the two new instruments installed onboard Hubble by
 astronauts in February will be released.  Principal Investigators Drs. Rodger
 Thompson and Bruce Woodgate will give progress reports on the turn on and
 operation of their equipment, and members of their science teams will discuss
 the new observations and implications.
     For more information please call the contact below.
     CONTACT:  Steve Maran, AAS Press Officer, 301-286-5154.

SOURCE American Astronomical Society