American Board of Internal Medicine Endorses the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's (IHI) 'Five Million Lives' Patient Safety Campaign, Opens Maintenance of Certification to Campaign Data

Dec 12, 2006, 00:00 ET from American Board of Internal Medicine

    PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- The American Board of Internal
 Medicine (ABIM) has formally endorsed the Institute for Healthcare
 Improvement's "Five Million Lives" Campaign, an aggressive patient safety
 initiative that aims to eliminate five million needless hospital injuries
 or deaths in the next two years. As part of that, ABIM has agreed to accept
 safety-related measurement data collected by hospitals involved in the
 Campaign, so that physicians actively involved in the Campaign in those
 hospitals can receive credit toward the practice performance requirement of
 Maintenance of Certification -- a program of ongoing learning and
 performance assessment required to maintain board certification.
     "ABIM is pleased to add our voice to support for IHI's very important
 work to make patient care safer and more patient-centered," said Christine
 Cassel, MD, ABIM's president and CEO. "By allowing internists to use data
 collected by hospitals to maintain their Board certificate, ABIM hopes to
 make it easier and more rewarding for physicians to actively participate in
 the Campaign."
     ABIM has aligned its efforts to enhance quality of care with the goals
 of the Campaign to help accelerate improvement efforts as hospitals create
 and sustain reliable systems of care, and to minimize redundant data
 collection which adds burden to physicians' lives, but adds no value to
 patient care. ABIM is committed to enhancing health care quality, and looks
 forward to continued work with IHI and other stakeholders to build a safe
 and effective health care delivery system -- one that provides the high
 quality of medical care that every patient deserves.
     About ABIM
     The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) is an independent,
 not-for-profit organization that grants board certification -- a
 well-accepted marker of physician quality -- to internists and
 subspecialists. Certification is a rigorous, comprehensive program for
 evaluating physician knowledge, skills and attitudes to assure both
 patients and payers that a physician has achieved competence for practice
 in a given field. Individual physician certification results may be found

SOURCE American Board of Internal Medicine