American Chemistry Council President Cal Dooley Links Natural Gas Prices To Industry Competitiveness In Broadcast Interview

May 03, 2012, 18:07 ET from American Chemistry Council

WASHINGTON, May 3, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The United States has a "once-in-a-generation opportunity to capitalize on increased supplies of natural gas," American Chemistry Council President and CEO Cal Dooley stated in a recent interview with Bill Loveless on Platts Energy Week TV, a weekly energy news program that reaches stakeholders in the energy sector, including industry executives, lawmakers and policymakers.

"Natural gas is what has contributed to the U.S. chemical industry – in a period of just about five years – going from a high-cost producer globally to the lowest-cost producer internationally," Dooley said during an interview exploring how shale gas became a "game changer" for the U.S. petrochemical industry.

Dooley pointed to 30 projects in the United States – new facilities and significant expansions – totaling $25 billion in capital investment. These investments are based on confidence that the United States will have competitively priced natural gas for decades, Dooley said.

Asked about natural gas costs and U.S. competitiveness, Dooley said the crucial factor is the difference between the price of natural gas and a barrel of oil. Most U.S. chemicals are derived from ethane, which is found in shale gas, while international competitors rely on a more expensive, oil-based raw material, Dooley explained. With global oil prices at more than $100 a barrel and gas at $2, the U.S. petrochemical industry now enjoys a 50 to 1 price advantage over its global rivals "and we see that competitive balance being sustained for an extended period of time," Dooley said. 

The chemical industry drives the manufacturing sector. Ninety-six percent of all U.S. manufactured goods rely on chemistry. And a good part of those are derived from natural gas. "It's a fundamental building block of almost every manufacturing item that a consumer touches every day."

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