Americans Falling Behind in the Bedroom

United States Ranks 23 Out Of 26 Countries in Global Sex Survey

Apr 19, 2007, 01:00 ET from Durex

     Americans are having a lot less sex than just about everyone else in
 the world, and when they do, less than half are fully satisfied.
     On average, Americans have sex just 85 times a year (about once every
 4.3 days) -- well below the global average of 103 times (about once every
 3.5 days), with only the Japanese (48 times), people in Hong Kong (82
 times) and Nigerians (84 times) having less sex. Moreover, less than half
 of Americans (48%) are fully satisfied with their sex lives.
     These are among the major findings of the new Durex Sexual Wellbeing
 Global Survey which questioned more than 26,000 people across 26 countries
 about every aspect of their sex lives in an effort to comprehensively chart
 what constitutes sexual wellbeing. Respondents were ages 16 and above and
 results were representative of the U.S. population and those in all 26
 countries. Sexual Satisfaction is the first in a six-part series of
 reports. Findings on sexual experimentation, physical pleasure, emotional
 aspects of sex, first sex and sex education will be announced by Durex
 during the next 18 months.
     Key Findings About Americans
     The new study shows that sexual satisfaction is about positive physical
 and emotional experiences, although lack of pain and problems have a role
 to play too. Other key findings include:
     -- While satisfaction levels in America are low (48%), the majority of us
        still believe sex is a vital part of life (80%) and beneficial to our
        health and wellbeing (81%).
     -- Insights into ways to improve sexual frequency and satisfaction appear
        connected to the fact that:
         -- 37% believe less stress and tiredness would improve satisfaction.
         -- 35% would like more quality time alone with their partners and more
         -- 27% want better communications and better intimacy.
         -- 23% would like more fun.
     -- About six in ten Americans (59%) claim to orgasm frequently.
     -- On average, Americans devote 18 minutes to each session.
     -- Sexual problems are all too common with 41% of American women saying
        they have experienced painful sex at some stage.
     -- Nearly half (49%) of American women have had vaginal dryness - a
        condition that seems to be particularly prevalent globally among
        teenagers, rather than simply affecting new mothers and older women.
     -- Meanwhile three in ten (31%) American men have reported difficulties in
        having an erection and a third have had problems sustaining one.
     The research also shows our sexual priorities are changing. We are
 looking for the softer, more sophisticated side of sex -- an injection of
 romance and quality time with our partners.
     "We need to invest in taking time out with our partners, de-stressing
 ourselves and lifestyles and introducing some romance into our
 relationships," said Dr. Sari Locker, a sexuality and relationships
     When it comes to positive changes to improve sexual satisfaction
 levels, nearly half of all Americans (41%) recognize the importance of
 introducing a little more experimentation, and it is sexual fantasies and
 massage which top the wish list.
     "It is encouraging that Americans want to try to inject a sense of fun
 and adventure into their sex lives - and the Durex survey confirms that
 people believe this is one of the key ways of improving satisfaction,"
 commented Dr. Locker, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide To Amazing Sex.
     How Americans Compare To The World
     -- Americans (48%) are more sexually satisfied than Australians (42%) and
        Europeans (40%), with people in Asia Pacific countries being the least
        satisfied (35%).
         -- Globally, 44% of people claim complete satisfaction.
         -- Africans are the most sexually satisfied (66%).
     -- Greeks have the most sex at 164 times a year, followed by Brazilians
        (145 times).
     -- Americans spend 18 minutes per session, the same as the global average,
        while Africans spend the most time (24 minutes). Western Europeans
        spend the least time (17 minutes).
     -- Americans (59%) are more likely to regularly orgasm than people around
        the world (48%).
         -- Twice as many American men (64%) as women usually orgasm.
         -- Age-wise it is the 65-plus age group who are most likely to achieve
     "This research shows the impact of sexual conditions and highlights how
 vital it is for everyone -- especially men -- to not only think about their
 sexual health but to talk to their physician about solving problems and
 improving their sex life and that of their partner," said Dr. Kevan Wylie,
 a member of the World Association for Sexual Health's advisory committee.
 "Overcoming these sexual conditions will go a long way to helping people in
 America become more satisfied."
     Notes To Media
     Segmented information from the Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey
 specific to men, women and youth is also available upon request. The Durex
 Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey can be accessed at
     About The Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey
     "Sexual Satisfaction" is the first in a six-part series of reports
 generated by a global survey on sexual wellbeing, commissioned by Durex(R).
     This global research was conducted to gain insights into sexual
 wellbeing from the general public in 26 countries. In total 26,032 people
 were questioned on key aspects of their lives:
     -- health
     -- general wellbeing
     -- education beliefs
     -- sex and relationships
     -- attitudes to sex and social circumstances
     The objective was to enable Durex(R), a leading authority on sexual
 wellbeing with more than 75 years of related experience in such areas as
 developing condoms, personal lubricants and devices intended to enhance the
 sexual experience, to remain at the forefront in helping people fulfill
 their sexual aspirations and enjoy better sex.
     Conducted by Harris Interactive, participating countries were
 Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, Hong
 Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand,
 Nigeria, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland,
 Thailand, United Kingdom and United States.
     As a result of the survey Durex(R) has amassed a wealth of data,
 providing an unprecedented insight into all areas of sexual wellbeing. But
 rather than revealing all our findings in just one report, Durex(R) will be
 publishing the data over the coming 18 months, looking in-depth at a
 variety of topics, including:
     -- sexual satisfaction
     -- sexual experimentation
     -- physical pleasure
     -- emotional aspects of sex
     -- first sex
     -- sex education
     By the end of the series Durex(R) will have developed a model for
 sexual wellbeing.
     The Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey was conducted online during
 August and September 2006.