Americans Picking Up Their Salad Forks As Never Before

Survey Finds 1/3 Americans Would Rather Skip Breakfast than Go a Day

Without Salad

Jun 12, 2006, 01:00 ET from Quiznos

    DENVER, June 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Salads used to be something Americans
 ate only on the way to the main course, but a new Quiznos study reveals
 that Americans have become addicted to salads, with one in three Americans
 preferring to go a day without breakfast than a day without salad.
 According to the Quiznos survey, Americans eat an average of three salads a
 week and opt for salad for dinner an average of ten times a month.
     Quiznos new Flatbread Chopped Salads are the perfect, quick solution to
 America's need for greens. Available for a suggested retail price of $5.29,
 these hearty salads are served on chopped romaine lettuce and include
 premium meats and authentic cheeses, all layered together with toasted
 Italian herbed flatbread. Quiznos is offering four Flatbread Chopped Salad
 combinations: Roasted Chicken with Honey Mustard, Classic Cobb, Chicken
 Caesar, and Antipasto.
     "We've been so successful with our toasted sandwiches because we
 understand that increasingly, Americans are looking for more sophisticated
 lunch and dinner options that deliver wholesome, flavorful food," said
 Quiznos Chief Concept Officer Tom Ryan. "Menu offerings like our Flatbread
 Chopped Salads are a perfect extension of our high quality, chef-inspired
 recipes because they give people the choice of a hearty meal without the
 bother of making it themselves."
     While Americans are addicted to salad, they're not necessarily addicted
 to the idea of making them at home. More than half the country would prefer
 to get their salad in a restaurant than prepare one themselves (54%),
 meaning that Americans have no problem leaving the chopping to someone
     The Flatbread Chopped Salads are so hearty they've been deemed "fork-
 worthy," prompting Quiznos to provide metal forks with every order. This
 makes Quiznos the first national quick service chain to provide metal
 flatware to customers.
     The introduction of Flatbread Chopped Salads and real metal forks
 continues a trend of innovation for Quiznos. In May of 2006, Quiznos became
 the first and only national quick service restaurant to serve up meals in
 toasted gourmet bread bowls. At the beginning of the year, the restaurant
 chain set a new standard for flavor with the introduction of the Prime Rib
 and Peppercorn sub, a sub sandwich piled high with real prime rib.
     The Quiznos survey also found the following: Summertime is salad
 season. Nearly 70 percent of women say that they eat the most salad between
 June and September, with 56 percent of men saying the same. Twenty-three
 percent of adults eat salads simply because they taste great. Two-thirds of
 Americans feel that restaurants with metal forks rather than plastic forks
 offer better quality food (63%). More than a third of Americans would be
 more likely to eat at a restaurant that currently uses plastic flatware if
 they switched over to metal (39%).
     About Quiznos
     Celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2006, Denver-based Quiznos Sub is a
 national chain designed for today's busy consumers who are looking for a
 tasty, fresher alternative to traditional fast food restaurants. Using only
 premium quality, real ingredients, Quiznos Sub restaurants offer creative,
 chef-inspired recipes for sandwiches, soups and salads. With more than
 4,800 restaurants, Quiznos Sub is one of the fastest-growing quick service
 restaurant chains. For more information, visit
     * June 2006 survey of more than 1,000 Americans, conducted by Kelton
     Research and Quiznos.

SOURCE Quiznos