Americans Say Teachers Have the Best Handwriting, Doctors the Worst

Jan 19, 2001, 00:00 ET from Pilot Pen Corporation of America

    TRUMBULL, Conn., Jan. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- All of that writing on the
 classroom board must result in good penmanship according to a new survey that
 found 62 percent of Americans believe teachers have the best handwriting.
     However, being a student in a classroom for many years doesn't guarantee
 good penmanship.  The online survey found that 88 percent of Americans think
 doctors have only Fair to Poor handwriting.
     Prayer doesn't seem to help either: just 18 percent of Americans view
 members of the clergy as having Excellent to Very Good penmanship. Signing
 autographs clearly doesn't foster good handwriting: celebrities and
 professional athletes ranked Excellent or Very Good ratings by only 6 percent
 and 3 percent of respondents, respectively.
     The online survey was conducted for Pilot Pen Corporation of America just
 before National Handwriting Day, celebrated every January 23 on John Hancock's
 birthday.  Hancock was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence and
 is famous for his graceful signature.  Pilot Pen makes over 100 types of pens,
 pencils, markers and personal digital assistant styli, including the
 best-selling Dr. Grip ergonomic pen that reduces required gripping power by
 40 percent.
     The Pilot Pen survey asked a nationally-representative sample of 1,000 men
 and women who are online to rate the handwriting of people in 10 professions.
 Survey results were released today by Pilot Pen president and CEO Ron Shaw:
     Rating of "Excellent" or "Very Good" handwriting by survey respondents
         Profession            Percentage
       1. Teacher                   62
       2. Minister/Rabbi/Priest     18
       3. Company President         13
       4. Lawyer                    10
       5. Politician                 9
       6. Stock Broker               7
       7. Celebrity                  6
       8. Dot-Com Entrepreneur       5
       9. Professional Athlete       3
      10. Doctor                     2
      Rating of "Fair" or "Poor" handwriting by survey respondents
         Profession            Percentage
       1. Doctor                    88
       2. Professional Athlete      46
       3. Lawyer                    44
       4. Celebrity                 35
       5. Politician                33
       6. Company President         29
       7. Stock Broker              25
       8. Dot-Com Entrepreneur      22
       9. Minister/Rabbi/Priest     12
      10. Teacher                    6
      The handwriting survey was conducted by Greenfield Online of Wilton,
 Conn. for Pilot Pen Corporation of America, makers of over 100 types of
 writing instruments.

SOURCE Pilot Pen Corporation of America