Amir Avniel Named Chief Executive Officer of Rosetta Genomics

Rosetta Genomics board of directors elects Yoav Chelouche as new chairman;

Nathan Hod becomes board member

May 10, 2006, 01:00 ET from Rosetta Genomics

    REHOVOT, Israel, May 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Rosetta Genomics, a leading
 biotechnology company focused on the development of microRNA-based
 diagnostics and therapeutics, today announced that Amir Avniel has been
 named president and chief executive officer of the company. Mr. Avniel
 joined Rosetta in 2000 and was formerly president, chief technology officer
 and chief operating officer at the company.
     "Amir has been with Rosetta Genomics from the very beginning," said Dr.
 Isaac Bentwich, Rosetta Genomics' founder and chief architect. "He is a
 recognized expert in microRNA, and has the ideal experience and insight
 necessary to build our business successfully in the years ahead."
     The Rosetta Genomics board of directors also today announced that Mr.
 Yoav Z. Chelouche has been elected to serve as the new chairman of the
 board at the company. Mr. Chelouche, who has been a member of the Rosetta
 Genomics board of directors since 2001, has more than 20 years of
 experience in leadership and management within the high technology sector.
 He is also currently a managing partner at Aviv Venture Capital and he
 previously served as president and chief executive officer of Scitex
 Corporation, which he led to become one of Israel's leading high technology
     "MicroRNAs represent a revolution positioned to transform the world of
 medicine as we know it. I am honored to be chosen as chairman of the board
 of directors of the leading company working in this field today," said Mr.
     Rosetta Genomics also announced today that Nathan Hod has joined the
 company's board of directors. Mr. Hod is considered one of Israel's top
 industry figures, and has co-founded the high technology company DSPC Inc.,
 manufacturer of chip-sets for the wireless industry. The company was
 acquired by Intel Inc. in 1999 for $1.6B.
     About microRNA (miRNA)
     MiRNA molecules are a recently discovered class of small RNA molecules
 that occur naturally within all mammalian cells and that play a critical
 role in a range of cell functions in humans, animals and plants. There are
 at least 650 confirmed microRNA genes in the human genome and researchers
 conclude that many others remain yet to be identified. MicroRNAs are
 believed to regulate at least one-third of genes in the human genome and
 are also likely to play significant roles in the manifestation of many
 serious disease states, including cancer and certain metabolic and
 infectious diseases.
     About Rosetta Genomics
     Rosetta Genomics is a leader in the development of microRNA-based
 diagnostics and therapeutics. Founded in 2000, the company's integrative
 research platform combining bioinformatics and state-of-the-art laboratory
 processes has led to the discovery of nearly 360 validated novel human
 microRNAs. Building on its strong IP position and strategic alliances with
 leading biotechnology companies, Rosetta Genomics is working to develop a
 full range of diagnostics and therapeutic products based on microRNAs. The
 company's primary therapeutic focus is in the development of microRNA-based
 products to diagnose and treat different forms of cancer. For more
 information about Rosetta Genomics, please visit

SOURCE Rosetta Genomics