Ampro Reveals Industry's First Ubuntu-Based Embedded Linux(R)

Apr 08, 2008, 01:00 ET from Ampro Computers Inc.

    SAN JOSE, Calif., April 8, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- Ampro Computers Inc.,
 today debuts new Linux(R) support for its extensive line of board-level
 embedded computers. Derived from Ubuntu packages, Ampro Embedded Linux is a
 free, open-source, reduced-footprint operating system enhanced with
 device-oriented features such as its default touch-enabled Hildon graphical
 user interface, plus other selected technologies from the Ubuntu Mobile &
 Embedded (UME) project.
     Ampro Embedded Linux targets developers designing the company's
 highly-reliable single-board computers (SBCs), computer-on-modules (COMs),
 and system-level products into a wide range of applications in industries
 such as medical, defense, industrial control, retail
 point-of-sales/service, avionics, and wired/wireless communications.
     "With this announcement, Ampro becomes the embedded industry's first
 SBC manufacturer to support all of its products with an embedded Linux OS
 derived from Ubuntu, today's most popular form of Linux," said Ampro CTO
 Rick Lehrbaum.
     Ubuntu's meteoric rise in popularity among embedded developers is
 evidenced by a recent survey conducted by "Preliminary
 results from's 2008 Reader Survey suggest that Ubuntu
 ranks fourth behind uClinux, Debian, and in popularity, with 8.2
 percent of respondents embedding Ubuntu over the last two years, and nearly
 10 percent planning to do so over the next two," said Henry Kingman,
 Executive Editor of "This rapid adoption curve is all the
 more remarkable given that it's only the second year we've asked about
     "Ampro selected Ubuntu Linux as the basis of our new embedded Linux
 offering for three key reasons," Lehrbaum added. "First, Ubuntu has rapidly
 emerged as one of the most popular Linux distributions in both desktop and
 server applications, and the project recently has become a key partner in
 Intel's Mobile and Internet Linux (Moblin) initiative. Second, Ubuntu is a
 completely free and open-source OS, availing developers of easy access to
 source code and minimizing device costs. Third, Ubuntu features a simple
 yet powerful package management infrastructure, APT, that enables quick and
 easy software installation, updates, and security patches."
     Ampro's reduced-footprint embedded Linux distribution currently
 includes some 700 packages and offers three kernel options: the latest
 standard Ubuntu kernel, plus both standard and real-time kernels built from sources. On top of this, developers can use the provided APT
 tools to install a choice among thousands of additional open-source
 packages from Ubuntu and other repositories. For example, the Fluxbox
 graphical user interface (GUI) comes preinstalled, but alternatives like
 GNOME and KDE are easily substituted.
     Ampro Embedded Linux will ship within 30-45 days in the QuickStart Kits
 for most of Ampro's single-board computer, computer-on-module, and
 system-level products. Stop by Ampro's ESC booth 1638 in San Jose, CA,
 April 15 to 17 to view a demonstration Ampro Embedded Linux.
     About Ampro Computers Inc.
     Now celebrating its 25th year in business, Ampro is renowned as a
 pioneer in the "embedded PC" industry. The company originated the PC/104,
 PC/104-Plus, and EBX standards for stackable single-board computers (SBCs),
 co-created the popular EPIC SBC standard, and offers the industry's first
 line "extreme rugged" computer-on-module (COM) products in ETX(R) and COM
 Express formats. In addition to SBCs and COMs, Ampro offers a wide range of
 industrial computer systems and Panel PCs and supports its board- and
 system-level products under Linux(R), Windows(R) CE, Windows XP Embedded,
 VxWorks(R), and QNX(R), among other OSes.
     Ampro markets its board- and system-level products to original
 equipment manufacturers in a wide range of markets including medical
 devices, defense electronics, industrial control systems, retail devices,
 avionics, and wired/wireless communications equipment. For more information

SOURCE Ampro Computers Inc.