Analysis: Internet Marketing Does Not Equal to Website Construction

Jul 17, 2013, 09:00 ET from

NEW YORK, July 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Here is a brief talk on why Internet marketing does not equal website construction from a representative of B2C vendor, which carries a wide range of products, such as women's clothing, men's clothing, fashionable watches, fashion jewelry, and more.

I believe that all marketing enterprises construct their websites for marketing purposes, or to promote a corporation's brand image at the same time, enhancing the company's marketing effectiveness. No company would be willing to spend a few thousand dollars without expecting to produce results. Website construction, or website flow, is not equivalent to internet marketing, although there are close links between the two, or three, but in the end we have to see not only the Internet display and passing.

In fact, website construction is just a simple foundation. We cannot refer the basic infrastructure to operational standards. We need to have some preparation:

1. Network marketing positioning strategy
There is no doubt that we must first confirm what we're mainly marketing, who the competitors are, and what are biggest difference between us is. Only when you understand these basic questions can you can distinguish yourself from your competitors, or you cannot replace the pioneers.

2. The marketing website building strategy
Design a differentiated website from your competitors according to your corporate positioning that allows users to easily understand your business through the Internet. (There are websites whose positioning is not clear; it is not clear whether they have been designed for brand awareness or product sales). Many companies are subject to a limited budget, so they only attach importance to price and ignore necessary quality factors, such as design and server stability. The end result is that website promotion costs a lot, but doesn't produce the positive effects of network marketing returns.

3. Network marketing strategy
We should not spend money on promotion. Network marketing doesn't mean keyword ads. In fact, many companies spend a lot of money to buy traffic and keywords but often do not receive the marketing effect, because they lack their own conditions. For example, a website will not have its specificity (advantages) if there are no interactive tools, if the keywords are not clear, if there is plagiarism or if it is copies someone else's post, has few external links, few internal links, or for other various reasons. Many companies will outsource their corporate website development, while other companies have dedicated teams but poor performance. These factors can lead to poor network marketing.

Money-saving keywords: Although the traffic of a single long tail word is less than a core keyword, conversion rates are much higher than the core words. Adopting long tail words in multiple ways will enhance the overall business advisory capacity.

4. Internet marketing credibility
In many cases it's not the quality of the interface that does not directly affect the web credibility, but the lack of detailed site information that customers can't get content they need from your website, or can't find contact information and consultation tools. Of course, we don't deny that a website of fashionable style is favored by users, but it ends up being only a showpiece if it is unable to guide users to buy the product system. Customers appreciate just the interface rather than placing orders.

Note: In addition to focusing on image, it must have marketing functions and promote product sales. Also, it must attach great importance to user experience, clear navigation, reasonable structure, as well as it whether can be easily and quickly collected by search engines.

5. Internet marketing turnover strategies
Business is war, but network marketing is a not a battle. With low-cost, low-risk, high-efficiency internet marketing, surpassing a traditional industry leader and taking first place is relatively easy. On the other hand, it's not difficult for your competitors to surpass you. A successful general often makes his/her own opportunities to adapt to the environment. The Internet is so advanced nowadays and we cannot fail to grasp this opportunity to create orders rather than display.

Note: In the era of the advanced Internet, companies that do not do network marketing are waiting to die. In 2013, it's an embarrassing thing if customers can not find you on the Internet.

6. Network marketing operation management strategy
Network marketing operations are built around the core business, highlighting a site's marketing functions and interactive features, with the purpose of marketing and sales to reach increasing conversion rate targets. A good business management strategy will push the enterprise to a higher place.

Note: Internet marketing achieves the transaction process electronically through online orders. Network marketing supports and supplements lines of off-line traditional marketing. Of course, brand awareness is also very important. A company's brand promotional is an important promotional method. The greater the brand is, the greater sales it will get.