Analysys International Says China's C2C Market Size Doubled by Q3 2005; Will Likely Dominate the Market in Terms of Subscribers and Transactions Handled in the First Half of 2006

Dec 08, 2005, 00:00 ET from Analysys International

    BEIJING, Dec. 8 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Analysys International, a leading
 Internet-based business information service provider, says that China's C2C
 market has grown dramatically and Taobao's subscribers will likely surpass
 eBay in 8 months in its recently released data report: Quarterly Tracker on
 China's C2C Market 2005-Q3.
     According to the study, the number of China's registered C2C market
 subscribers in 2004 was 15.08 million, while by the end of Q3 2005, the total
 had reached 29.84 million, which is almost double in only 9 months.  Among
 which, subscribers of eBay alone reached 15.10 million, with close
 behind.  From the transaction handled perspective, China's total C2C market
 size in the first three quarters of 2005 reached RMB8.77 billion, which is
 almost twice that of the annual turnover of 2004.  So far this year, lead the market with a 57.1% share in terms of transaction handled,
 with its turnover in Q1 at RMB1.02 billion, Q2 at 1.67 billion and Q3 at 2.32
     Based on further research regarding the growth rate and the development
 trend, Analysys International thinks Taobao's subscribers will likely surpass
 eBay in the first half of next year.  Meanwhile, as Taobao's advantage over
 eBay in turnover keeps on increasing, till then, Taobao will lead China's C2C
 market in terms of both subscribers and transaction handled.''
     ''Taobao's strategy to attract users by providing free services has
 effectively driven its subscriber boom, but they still face the challenges
 ahead on how to capitalize on its huge subscriber base,'' says Sun Lilin,
 senior analyst from Analysys International, ''Meanwhile, when we scan the
 Internet market as a whole, there are no clear borderlines between the
 business models of various Internet areas.  Those seemingly different business
 models such as portals, search engines and net games tend to converge with
 each other.  But one thing is for sure, the traffic, and the adhesion of that
 traffic, are the fundamental elements for any Internet business who wants to
 succeed in China's Internet market.''
     This subject will be discussed with other key industry issues in the
 coming TMT (technology, media and telecom) Industry Annual Summit held by
 Analysys International on Dec. 9, 2005 in Beijing.  Additional information is
 available in Analysys International's data report: Quarterly Tracker on
 China's C2C Market 2005-Q3 available in Analysys International's website: .
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