And the Survey Says ... Right Guard Reveals the Sweatiest Celebrities, Athletes, Weathermen, Politicians and More ...

Apr 12, 2007, 01:00 ET from Right Guard

    NEW YORK, April 12 /PRNewswire/ -- When it comes to your favorite
 icons, there are those who make you sweat, and those that never seem to get
 caught off guard.
     To highlight this, Right Guard announces the full results of their
 recent poll, "The Right Guard Good Sport Index." The survey, conducted by
 Opinion Research Corporation (ORC), polled 1,000 men over the age of 18 on
 everything from talk show hosts they think never loose their cool to the
 sweatiest weathermen -- even cars so hot they make you sweat! The results
 are in and now it's time for you to be the judge ...
     Moments in Your Life That Make You Sweat:
     Dating Your Best Friend's Girlfriend 23%
     First Time Using a Fake ID 20%
     Admitting You Don't Love Your Girlfriend -- you just wanted the sex 15%
     Losing Your Virginity 14%
     None of the above 10%
     Don't know 11%
     Women Who Make You Sweat:
     Angelina Jolie 27%
     Jessica Alba 17%
     Beyonce Knowles 16%
     Scarlett Johansson 8%
     Charlize Theron 7%
     None of the above 16%
     Don't know 9%
     Stars Who Never Get Caught Off Guard:
     George Clooney 41%
     Brad Pitt 14%
     Daniel Craig 11%
     Justin Timberlake 7%
     Patrick Dempsey 7%
     None of the above 7%
     Don't know 13%
     Sweatiest Rock Stars:
     Ozzy Osbourne 25%
     Tommy Lee 17%
     Jon Bon Jovi 13%
     Steven Tyler 13%
     Dave Navarro 7%
     None of the above 8%
     Don't know 18%
     Political Candidates Who Wish They Didn't Get Caught Off Guard:
     Hillary Clinton 33%
     Arnold Schwarzenegger 24%
     Al Gore 17%
     Joe Lieberman 12%
     Al Franken 6%
     None of the above 3%
     Don't know 5%
     Sweatiest Weatherman:
     Al Roker, The Today Show 41%
     Chris Knowles, Fox News 11%
     Rob Marciano, CNN 9%
     Sam Champion, Good Morning America 8%
     Dave Price, The Early Show 5%
     None of the above 8%
     Don't know 18%
     Talk Show Hosts Who Never Get Caught Off Guard:
     Jay Leno 23%
     David Letterman 20%
     Bill O'Reilly 20%
     Howard Stern 17%
     Conan O'Brien 11%
     None of the above 2%
     Don't know 7%
     Cars So Hot They Make You Sweat:
     Corvette 25%
     Porsche 911 22%
     Aston Martin 17%
     BMW Z4 13%
     Bentley Continental GTC 7%
     None of the above 10%
     Don't know 5%
     About Right Guard: Legendary among U.S. males and a top franchise in
 the deodorant category, Right Guard was sold to Dial Corporation, a Henkel
 company, in 2006. Henkel is a global public company headquartered in
 Germany, for which the acquisition of Dial represented its biggest foray
 into the U.S. consumer products market to date. With the launch of its new
 advertising campaign, Right Guard hopes to target young, mature confident
 males. The survey was conducted by Opinion Research Corporation.

SOURCE Right Guard